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9 Essential Work Ethics for Salon Success

Many of us who own a slaon or work in one at any capacity need to understand that you need to be committed to a basic understanding of "rules of engagement" to be successful. What does this mean? Let's call it a standard set of policies or for lack of a better term " Work Ethics. "

In order for you to have a successful life personally and in business, you will need to follow ethical principles.

Reliable, Organized, Friendly, Artistic, Good Communicator, Enthusiastic, Caring, Well Rounded, No Drama, Eager, Trustworthy, Team Player

The list can go on forever but following the ethical principles will take you on the fast tract of being successful in life. The term work ethics refers to your values, how you work. Having an excellent work ethic involves the right attitude, correct behavior, and respect for others at home and yes at work, diligence, and effective communication.

Essentially, a work ethic regulates how an employee responds in different situations in the salon. How do they react or adjust to the daily routine of coming to work? How do they deal with customers? Other employees? A professional, prompt, and positive attitude = having a good work ethic.

A work ethic comes from within, but it can be developed through training. Our ethics involve our personal sense of morality, something we decide. How we were raised and our exposures to teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends have an influence, sure but we're all grown-ups now and are making our own choices about how to be.

Salon employees exhibiting good work ethics are usually considered eligible for pay increases, management positions, and more responsibilities. A good work ethic broadcasts to your boss and to your customers, "I can handle this."

List of Essential Ethics

Honesty - The best policy. Any job assigned to you should be done with the utmost honesty. Cheating, lying, or stealing even in the smallest degree is dishonest and will usually get you fired. If there's anything you need to get honest about, do it as soon as possible.

Dependability - People who are dependable are considered reliable. When you're considered reliable, you are looked upon as a leader. Being first in and last to leave the salon is a good rule to live by. Time management in the salon business is the key to your success. Making a customer wait for you for an appointment is the number one ethic breaker in the salon business. Be dependable to yourself, your boss, coworkers, and yourself!

By Jeff Grissler I Source:

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