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The Secret to Success Starts Here

What is the #1 skill you need to develop if you want to make more money and build a successful career?

The #1 skill today's cosmetologist should master is... The art of Selling YOURSELF! Selling is not only an essential business skill but it is a valuable life skill that will make the defining difference in the success of your career.

I know you're probably saying, "But I am not a sales person" or "I hate to sell". The truth is that all day, every day, we are "selling" something to someone. All business and day-to-day interactions revolve around the art of selling. Whether you are trying to "sell" a dinner date with friends to your partner, the kids are trying to "sell" you to give them keys to the car, or you are trying to "sell" your client on a new service, we are all trying to influence someone to buy into, purchase our product, or let us perform a service. You are in essence... SELLING!

Experts share that we need to change our thoughts about selling and think of it as HELPING.Helping people with their dreams, hopes, and fears by being a great listener. Gain their trust by CARING about them as human beings first and learning who they are and what it is they are in need of. Our thoughts should be to offer what we really feel would be of most value to them, not to just sell them. Make it a point to be sincerely mindful of their needs and wants to transform the experience from selling to helping. Adapting to this attitude will create more satisfied clients that will remember what you did for them long after the service or sale was over.

Source: Kathy Jager: educational solutions

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