Course exclusive to the Kansas City Campus

For more than 60 years, House of Heavilin Beauty College has been offering cosmetology and barber training programs to Kansas City area students. Our experienced staff will help you develop your skills by challenging you and your peers, encouraging growth, and developing your hands-on skills. By attending our locally-owned and operated school with national accreditation by NACCAS, you can be sure that you will graduate highly qualified!

This program will appeal to licensed cosmetologists who have already completed cosmetology school but wish to add another skill to their resume.

Learn an Exciting New Trade

In this unique program, students will learn the history of barbering and shaving techniques in order to add barbering to your cosmetology license. This is perfect if you are still curious about the art of shaving and barbering, but you’ve already received your cosmetology degree. You will find that this program offers the same level of quality education and impactful instructors as our other courses.

Barbering is an extremely creative field, one that has been gaining popularity even more in recent years. As barbers get more creative with designs and cuts, it becomes more and more artistically challenging and fun for those that wish to enter the field of cosmetology. You will quickly find that adding the barber crossover to cosmetology license offers a level of creative freedom you didn’t even know was available. Barbering is also an extremely social field, as you will have plenty of time to chat with customers while you perform cuts and shaves. This aspect is great if you love interacting with people, as most cosmetologists do!

The course will take 45 hours (3 weeks) to complete, and will include learning history and technique through a combination of traditional classroom learning and hands-on training. We want each and every one of our students to leave the class feeling confident in their abilities, having embraced their specific creative energy to hone their talents and the skills to catapult your career in a new direction by guiding your ability to test well and obtain your license.

Increase Your Marketability

Adding the barber crossover will not only encourage you to learn a fun new trade but can also increase your marketability in the workforce, by gaining another skill as well as a certification in a time where finding a marketable skill is becoming increasingly more important. Invest in your future by completing House of Heavilin’s barber crossover program.

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