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House of Heavilin Beauty College

Beauty College How To: Using Scholarships To Your Advantage

You’ve decided that beauty college is right for you, and you’re excited to get started, but your worry, like most college students or parents, is how am I going to pay for this? Depending on the program you choose, paying for school may be easier than you think!

Like most schools, House of Heavilin Beauty College accepts financial aid, and all you have to do to see if you qualify is fill out some information, most known as a FAFSA form, and you’re on your way. This gives you an idea of what you may qualify for, and what might be expected of you to pay back, and it a great place to start!

The website can be found here.

The next step on your journey should be to check out scholarships! The great thing about our industry is that companies love to give back to the community, so there’s always something to be found that will help you on your way, and help you decrease your costs! We offer scholarships not only to high school seniors, but to students returning to school, and those from all walks of life, so the real question is simply where do I look?

A great place to start looking is

Here you will find information on the programs offered, and a link to a scholarship database with information on all programs, from grants for nail techs, to hair stylists, to aspiring makeup artists and beyond!

Another excellent resource worth looking into is

This is another useful database with information on over 700 scholarships! They offer them for all programs, for not only new students, but current and returning students as well!

As you can see, paying for Beauty College can be easier than you think! With a little bit of online research, you can be on your way to your dream of having a career in a creative, rapidly growing industry. If you would like help with your scholarship search, or have enrollment questions in general, feel free to give us a call at 816-229-9000 extention 1 or fill out the website contact form and we can reach out to you!