• The Secret to Success Starts Here

    What is the #1 skill you need to develop if you want to make more money and build a successful career?

    The #1 skill today’s cosmetologist should master is… The art of Selling YOURSELF ! Selling is not only an essential business skill but it is a valuable life skill that will make the defining difference in the success of your career.

    I know you’re probably saying, “But I am not a sales person” or “I hate to sell”. The truth is that all day, every day, we are “selling” something to someone. All business and day-to-day interactions revolve around the art of selling. Whether you are trying to “sell” a dinner date with friends to your partner, the kids are trying to “sell” you to give them keys to the car, or you are trying to “sell” your client on a new service, we are all trying to influence someone to buy into, purchase our product, or let us perform a service. You are in essence… SELLING!

    Experts share that we need to change our thoughts about selling and think of it as HELPING. Helping people with their dreams, hopes, and fears by being a great listener. Gain their trust by CARING about them as human beings first and learning who they are and what it is they are in need of. Our thoughts should be to offer what we really feel would be of most value to them, not to just sell them. Make it a point to be sincerely mindful of their needs and wants to transform the experience from selling to helping. Adapting to this attitude will create more satisfied clients that will remember what you did for them long after the service or sale was over.

    Source: Kathy Jager: educational solutions

  • Top 10 Tips That Make the Defining Difference for the Success of Today’s Cosmetologist!

    1. Passion – Having it, keeping it, and knowing how to bring it back.
    2. Personalize His or Her Experience – Keep each client individual.
    3. “Wow” the Client – Go beyond a great haircut.
    4. Listen – Get plugged into the human connection.
    5. Excellent Communication Skills – Have a dialog that makes the client feel you, understand what he/she is saying.
    6. Be Consistent – Don’t be “on” one day and “off” the next…don’t be a “One Hit Wonder”!
    7. Stay Fresh – Be a perpetual student. Update your skills, go get the information on news, trends, products, business, marketing social media, etc.
    8. Be a Performer – Remember the show must go on! Even when you’re not “ON” that day, showcase your specialties.
    9. Make a Commitment to Your Goals – Stay focused and disciplined to create good daily habits.
    10. Work From Your Heart – We are in a PEOPLE business. CARE about your clients.

    Source: Kathy Jager: educational solutions

  • How Do You Tell Someone They Need a New Do?

    There she is sitting across the room with that bleached-blonde, fried-out mullet that someone told her looked good…20 years ago! Well, not even then! What do you do? Being a professional do you say something? Do you honestly think she likes it? Or maybe nobody ever asked her if she was interested in something NEW ! Sometimes a client continues to get the same old hairstyle year after year because that is what their lifelong hairdresser keeps giving them. They never ASKED if he or she would be interested in changing their look.

    A PROPER CONSULTATION When a client sits in your chair you need to go back to the basics of a consultation:

    Ask the probing questions to get a feel for where they are at in their life. Most of the time people want you to make them change their hairstyle. They come for your expertise and if you’re not suggesting or recommending new things like a few highlights for spring, or a new bang, or a fun texture service, then they will either get the same old do, and your name is on it as she is your walking billboard or, LEAVE because they are bored with your unwillingness to change.

    BE TACTFUL Have you ever wanted to tell someone that their hair looks awful and you knew that they could look wonderful if they would let you get your magical hands on their precious head? You can, without offending them. All you need to do is get their attention and show them visually what you are talking about. Keep referring to how fabulous they will look and how great it will feel to show off their new look. Tell them what the new color or tone is going to do to complement their beautiful skin, or how this hot new haircut is going to give her or him that spunky look they have desired.

    TRUST AND TIME Most people want to hear what you have to say. Even if they don’t do it right now they will go home and think about it and most likely they will pick up the phone to give the new idea a try. Clients need to trust what you have to say, and the only way that they will is in HOW you talk to them during the consultation. Most changes occur when you spend more than 1 minute on what it is they would like for you to do. Once you change their old look you are guaranteed to change their attitude too. Then you have opened up a whole new world of artistic opportunities for that client, as well as for all the rest of your clients!

    Challenge yourself and see how good communication can transform the looks you have been giving!

    Source: Kathy Jager: educational solutions

  • 9 Essential Work Ethics for Salon Success

    Many of us who own a slaon or work in one at any capacity need to understand that you need to be committed to a basic understanding of “rules of engagement” to be successful. What does this mean? Let’s call it a standard set of policies or for lack of a better term ” Work Ethics.

    In order for you to have a successful life personally and in business, you will need to follow ethical principles.

    Reliable, Organized, Friendly, Artistic, Good Communicator, Enthusiastic, Caring, Well Rounded, No Drama, Eager, Trustworthy, Team Player

    The list can go on forever but following the ethical principles will take you on the fast tract of being successful in life. The term work ethics refers to your values, how you work. Having an excellent work ethic involves the right attitude, correct behavior, and respect for others at home and yes at work, diligence, and effective communication.

    Essentially, a work ethic regulates how an employee responds in different situations in the salon. How do they react or adjust to the daily routine of coming to work? How do they deal with customers? Other employees? A professional, prompt, and positive attitude = having a good work ethic.

    A work ethic comes from within, but it can be developed through training. Our ethics involve our personal sense of morality, something we decide. How we were raised and our exposures to teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends have an influence, sure but we’re all grown-ups now and are making our own choices about how to be.

    Salon employees exhibiting good work ethics are usually considered eligible for pay increases, management positions, and more responsibilities. A good work ethic broadcasts to your boss and to your customers, “I can handle this.”

    List of Essential Ethics

    Honesty – The best policy. Any job assigned to you should be done with the utmost honesty. Cheating, lying, or stealing even in the smallest degree is dishonest and will usually get you fired. If there’s anything you need to get honest about, do it as soon as possible.

    Dependability – People who are dependable are considered reliable. When you’re considered reliable, you are looked upon as a leader. Being first in and last to leave the salon is a good rule to live by. Time management in the salon business is the key to your success. Making a customer wait for you for an appointment is the number one ethic breaker in the salon business. Be dependable to yourself, your boss, coworkers, and yourself!

    By Jeff Grissler I Source: ModernSalon.com

  • 5 Steps to Build Your Career as a Stylist

    Whether you’re a recent beauty school grad or a seasoned vet, Sam Villa, founding partner of Sam Villa and Redken Education artistic director, has a few pointers for building your career as a stylist. “Follow these tips and who knows; you may end up opening your own salon sooner than you think,” Villa says.

    1. Go to every educational event you can. Continue advanced education throughout your career; it’s the key to success. Classes, shows, DVDs are great resources. Make sure you check out ShopModernSalon.com for a range of books, DVDs and on-demand videos for continuing education!

    2. Practice what you learn and share it with others. Have you ever heard that the best way to learn something is to teach it? Sharing makes you better because it makes you reinforce information and thereby increases retention.

    3. Find a great salon that is truly interested in your success. When salon-shopping, sit in the waiting room to get a feel for the environment and level of professionalism. Tune-in on how they’re answering phones, greeting guests and interacting with one another, then see if you can picture yourself there.

    4. Ask about the salon’s associate or assistant program. Request a copy in writing to be certain they have one; verbal confirmations are too ambiguous. You might have to assist for a while and be willing to bend over backward to become part of the team.

    5. Find the right fit and stay in the salon! Do not move around; when you do, people won’t take you seriously. Plus, guests don’t want to have to be constantly following you from one salon to another while you’re hopping around.

    By Lauren Quick I Source: ModernSalon.com