• Let’s All Take A Moment to be Grateful…

    Show how much you care about your clients by…

    Thanksgiving is a time of year to remind us of the wonderful people in our lives, both professionally and personally. It is also a time to reflect on the everyday treasures that we don’t even realize are truly gifts. One very overlooked blessing is the nature of our profession. We are in an industry that is all about being positive. Our main mission is to make people look and feel magnificent. Think about that for a moment. We help our clients see their own personal beauty. Through our artistry, we visualize, we create, and we let our inspiration flow. We get to talk about life issues, help clients solve their problems, and sometimes we even get to solve our own. There is no need to have to pick up the paper; we get the entire outside world news right in our chair.

    Being in the beauty industry allows us to dress fashionable, listen to upbeat music, and have the freedom to express ourselves. All this, and we get Paid highly for doing it. Have you yet to find another career that is so fulfilling personally and professionally? So fellow stylist, it is time to give THANKS this season to the people who make this industry survive…our clients.

    Take a moment…

    Let’s face it; you wouldn’t have a business without your faithful clients. Some will always drive you crazy; some will always touch your heart. But the one thing that keeps our industry going is the client. Take a moment when finished with their service to thank everyone for his or her continual patronage–this show that you appreciate their friendship as well as their business.

    Happy Thanksgiving Beauty Professionals!

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • Inspire Someone Today!

    To be successful you must first understand what this business is really about. Besides the artistry, it is about…the PEOPLE! Making the connections and offering the people you meet the chance to feel good about who they are when they are with you. Learn to work from your heart and get on a journey of self-development and continual education. Make a commitment to build your life with new and positive habits that help shape your mind to excellence. Believe in the beauty of your career and the power you have to transform lives.


    1. The biggest key to SUCCESS: Believing that you can!
    2. Join your industry association and stay connected!
    3. Learn to LOVE to read! Education is the way to success!
    4. Deliver what you promise.
    5. Your greatest asset is being open to the learning experience and adapting to the change.
    6. Learn to examine and acknowledge your skills and then become a master at your strengths.
    7. Volunteer your time: It makes you a better leader.
    8. Do more than you get paid for because it is an investment in your future.
    9. Don’t rush success, you need the lessons.
    10. Wear rubber-soled shoes!

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Cosmetologist

    Choosing a career field is pretty serious stuff and it’s natural to occasionally need a reminder of why a particular path was chosen in the first place… unless it was a path of m&m’s in which case logical reasoning would be appropriately ignored. Speaking of logic, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of perfectly reasonable, or, reasons to become a cosmetologist. That being said, there’s obviously more than just analytics behind why you chose to embark on this journey (it was in the stars!). Sometimes the facts are just the type of reassurance one might need to keep on keepin’ on.

    #1 Hot Job Market (also the ranking of our cosmetology exam review)

    Paris Hilton’s words of wisdom, “that’s so hot” might not be trending as much currently as they did in the beginning of this millennium. They do, however, correctly summarize the state of the job market for careers in cosmetology. Another related expression might be, “that’s nuclear baby!” considering this job market would take millions of years to cool off.

    #2 Relatively Easy Entry into the Cosmetology Career Field

    Acquiring a license in cosmetology and beginning work in the beauty industry typically takes less time than, oh say, becoming an astronaut (that may be a little farfetched, but the point still stands). As mentioned above, the job market for careers in cosmetology is a pretty bubbly brew of opportunity, making it more likely for you to get a taste of the goods. You could call it a soup kitchen of good career prospect… or you could just call it what it is. Your choice.

    #3 Fun and Exciting Work

    To even be on this page in the first place, and more importantly, to have chosen to follow a cosmetology career path, proves that you have a high interest in the line of work. Many people feel that the most important aspect in choosing a career is in financial reasoning, but we find that what holds utmost importance is your happiness. Being a cosmetologist might not come with six-figure income, but it is rewarding to look forward to doing something you love and making a living doing it.

    #4 Job Flexibility

    To extend upon what was already mentioned above in reference to the entrance into the beauty industry, there is an enormous array of possibilities that being a cosmetologist entails, including hair, skin, and nail care, etc. This further broadens the job market, allowing you to more easily qualify for a particular niche. The possibility that freelance cosmetology work may be ideal for those with less time on their hands.

    #5 Being Your Own Boss

    Receiving your license in cosmetology means more than just the ability to experiment with beauty with your client’s full trust (the power of a piece of paper, right?); it means being able to manage your own hours and clientele. You can do what you want when you want, whether that be work Monday’s through Friday’s only, service a maximum of 5 clients a day, or proceed with your plans of world domination.

    Source: Salon Prep Blog

  • Personal Energy

    How do you manage to stay upbeat and positive with all that you encounter in the course of the day? Being a cosmetologist is truly a challenging position. Your day is filled with other people’s emotions, physical labor, and sometimes even mental stress.

    How do you stay healthy with all of this stuff going on?

    You must learn to take care of yourself first. If you don’t make the time, then you will resent all the energy you put out and won’t be able to be the best in your daily work. It is essential to a healthy lifestyle and the success of your attitude when you carve out personal time. It is the fuel you need to sustain energy from the inside out.

    Upon rising you need to create a conscious mindset to prepare your energy level for the day. This includes providing “your temple” with the proper rest, exercise, nutrition, mental awareness, and spiritual guidance. Taking this time to care for yourself is imperative, so that you may serve your clients with 110% effort. Learn to place enormous value in “me” time and you’ll maximize all other aspects of your life.

    In this business you have to realize that you are a caretaker. In fact, that’s the core service you’re offering. You take care of other people’s emotional needs along with their beauty services.

    “My Time” Ritual…

    Get Up! When your alarm goes off, you must get up! If you want to have time, you must make time, or time moves on without you. Then you won’t have room to complain that you didn’t have any time to yourself.

    Get Moving! Motion equalizes emotion. If you want to maintain a balances day you need to jump-start your body with a little movement. Run, jump, dance, walk, or do anything that makes you sweat. Do it for at least 20 minutes and as you build endurance try to continue moving for at least 40 minutes.

    Feed Your Mind! Feed it with the food, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive every single day. Learn to love to read! Educate yourself by reading something enlightening everyday so that you can empower your thoughts and transform your spirit.

    Fuel Your Temple! Eat Right! Start your day off with a healthy breakfast choice, such as an energy-packed protein drink and multi-vitamin. This helps to boost your level of performance and get you ready to embrace your care-taking day!

    Focus On Today! Tell yourself that it is going to be a great day! Be grateful for another day to serve your clients. Vibrate with enthusiasm! Your clients will appreciate all you did for them this morning!

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • 4 Honey Based Hair Tricks and Tips You Need to Know

    Is your hair looking a little rough during the cold season? Winter can be quite the hazard on skin and hair. It can dry you out, leaving all areas of our body parched, dry, and flaky. A surprising asset can be – of all things – honey! It’s really tempting to go out and invest in dozens of various hair masques and treatments, with varying degrees of success. How great is it if you find a solution right in your own pantry?

    Hair Lightener
    You may not be aware that honey is a natural lightener. Thinking of adding a touch of dimension to your hair with highlights? Desire a subtle lift to your locks? (By the way, if you want to darken your hair, go for molasses! It totally works!) Try mixing honey with your hair conditioner, and adding a squirt of lemon.

    Dry Hair Solution
    Whether you just left the ski slopes, have been frolicking on the beach or just living your day to day life in pollution, your skin may be feeling drab and dry around now. Add a touch of shine with a honey hair mask. This is an easy one to do whenever you need a boost. Grab a spoonful of honey (you can adjust in either direction depending on how dry/long/coarse your hair is) with a few cups of warm water.

    Hair Loss
    Hair loss is no joking matter, but it’s something may of us face at some point our lives. When you do honey masques or conditioners, they can help to soften and condition your hair, which will help hair health. This may help it stick around longer!

    Grow Your Hair

    Along the same reasoning, your hair may just get a little longer with a burst of sweetness. Honey is an emollient, which means it’ll make your follicles and scalp healthie

  • Why You Should Consider Reverse Hair Washing

    Over the past few years, it’s become clear that women wash their hair way too often, but is it possible we’re making another big mistake? It seems if you want the softening effects of conditioner without it weighing down your hair, you need to condition first and shampoo second.

    This method, called reverse hair washing, is ideal for those with fine hair, because it ensures you’re really washing out all the conditioner, so it doesn’t cause hair to go limp. One woman did a real-life experiment with the hair-washing technique and one week later claims her hair was glossier, fuller looking and frizz-free.

    One thing to note is the woman who tried reverse washing always shampooed first and then applied conditioner to her entire head, including the scalp. Many experts advise against putting conditioner on your scalp, since that can cause hair to be weighed down. Either way, it’s a simple enough experiment to conduct at home, and it could mean the world of difference for your hair