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To be successful you must first understand what this business is really about. Besides the artistry, it is about…the PEOPLE! Making the connections and offering the people you meet the chance to feel good about who they are when they are with you. Learn to work from your heart and get on a journey of self-development and continual education. Make a commitment to build your life with new and positive habits that help shape your mind to excellence. Believe in the beauty of your career and the power you have to transform lives.


  1. The biggest key to SUCCESS: Believing that you can!
  2. Join your industry association and stay connected!
  3. Learn to LOVE to read! Education is the way to success!
  4. Deliver what you promise.
  5. Your greatest asset is being open to the learning experience and adapting to the change.
  6. Learn to examine and acknowledge your skills and then become a master at your strengths.
  7. Volunteer your time: It makes you a better leader.
  8. Do more than you get paid for because it is an investment in your future.
  9. Don’t rush success, you need the lessons.
  10. Wear rubber-soled shoes!

Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

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