• It All Starts with the Greeting!

    When you have guests come to your home, you greet them, right? You stop what you are doing and run to the front door of your home to greet your guests. You may have been in the shower, you grab a robe and run half naked to the door, maybe you were doing some home […]

  • Cosmetology is a Secure Job Choice by House of Heavilin

    Why Cosmetology is a Secure Job Choice

    Hairdressing made the front page of the respected national business newspaper, The Wall Street Journal , July 5th in an article that pointed to the security of personal-service professions in an uncertain economy. Written by Neil Shah and David Wessel, the article “Why Hairdressers Are Secure: Their Jobs Can’t be Exported” compared the growth of […]

  • Why Does Education Rock?

    EDUCATION is the information highway you need, and the key to your success! Not matter where you are in your journey, nothing will continue to flourish without the knowledge and power of EDUCATION, period! You could be in your industry for years, thinking you know all there is to know and still be in the […]

  • The Importance of a Retirement Plan for the Salon Professional

    The quality of life you want in the future depends on what you contribute in the present. I am sure you will want to retire happy and comfortably with personal and financial piece of mind. The last thing retirement should be is stressful for you and your family. The golden years as they are called […]

  • Now Is The Time

    Have you ever thought about the impact you will have on your community over the four months and the impact the next four months will have on your business? If you haven’t, it’s amazing to realize that 100% of your active guests will be in your chair for up to 50% of their visits in […]