• 5 Quick Reminders to Help Build Life Time Clients

    When you think of the word “Professional,” do you put it next to your name? Or is the status of the word too much for you to handle? Do you think you need a Ph. D. or BA after your name in order for you to receive the proper respect that comes with the word […]

  • 6 New Habits for Hairdressers Who Stand All Day

    As our Healthy Hairdresser survey revealed, many of you are struggling with back, neck, leg and foot pain. Much of that can be blamed on standing all day at work. On his website, author and fitness coach Eric Cressey offers strategies for anyone who stands all day. You can tweak those strategies to develop your […]

  • So, What Else is in the Cosmetology Job Description?

    Hair, skin, and nails! You can do it all with a cosmetology license once you ace those exams. But do you know what all is expected of you once you enter the work force as a cosmetologist? You can study hard for the exam, but it’s important to know what knowledge and skills it takes […]

  • Salon Business Tips from Tabatha Coffey!

    1) If you don’t have a passion for the art and business of hairdressing, then you’re just cutting hair. Tabatha has always said the number one key to success for Hair Stylists, and salon businesses alike, is passion. Passion for art. Passion for hair. Passion for making people feel good about themselves. The passion has […]