5 Quick Reminders to Help Build Life Time Clients

When you think of the word “Professional,” do you put it next to your name? Or is the status of the word too much for you to handle? Do you think you need a Ph. D. or BA after your name in order for you to receive the proper respect that comes with the word “professional?” Being a professional means that you take on added responsibility and that you are an achiever. It means that you place value in what you do and take pride in what and how you can offer your service to others. The word professional is a validation. It identifies you as a person with the right education, knowledge, skills, and talent.

Position Yourself

Being a cosmetologist provides life-learning skills; skills that you need every day to manage well in this world. The technical aspect of our industry is important, but is secondary when it comes to providing customer service. People come to beauty professionals for their expertise and skill, but they also come for the human connection. They trust us to help them transform themselves inside and out. Clients place value on the human nature of our service – the part of our profession to which very few other professions can relate. The beauty business stands tall when you understand all that it takes to keep up with the daily demands of our jobs.

  1. CARE about yourself and your profession… it shows up on your face and in the texture of your voice.
  2. Value your clients and offer the BEST quality service… the type of service you would expect when you go to a salon.
  3. Appreciate clients by rewarding them for choosing you. Offer them incentives, package deals, and products, anything that says Thank You and I appreciate your business.
  4. Be accountable when you make mistakes. ASK for a second chance to re do the service if necessary. It shows respect and helps you become a true professional. Make sure it is complementary.
  5. Work on developing your Soft Skills. It gives you the leading edge in this profession by showing clients you take pride in your personal development as well as makes you a very well rounded interesting, and positive person to be around.

We have the power to transform people’s moods, the tools to beautify their souls and the creativity to make them look magnificent. The time you spend with your client can have an enormous impact on them, as most of the time they are coming for you to “fix” something in their life – not always their hair. Being a professional, you know that, so you put one of your many life-learning skills to work and dive in.

So the next time someone asks you what you do for a living, proudly say… I am a Beauty Professional!”

Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

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