• Lessons From Your First Job

    Beauty school is not an accurate reflection of your salon job, nope. Then again, education and gainful employment have different goals. I agree with those who feel they should be totally the same. Today’s beauty school builds confidence, gives second chances, and overlooks mistakes—how could you master something you’ve never seen, but by trial and […]

  • Moving On!

    There is an old saying – If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. Now that might be great if you are content with your life, your finances, and your professional growth. But, what if being content just isn’t enough? What about when the need to grow becomes […]

  • Where Did That Client Go?

    Customer service is about getting the client where they want to go. In a day’s work you might have a client on a first date, another applying for a job, and the other down in the dumps needing a pat on the back. I don’t suggest you meddle in your client’s lives, for me, the […]

  • Top Five Tips to Build Your Guy Client Conversation Skills

    My latest haircut is a masterpiece. It would look this good if I cut it myself if I do say so. The overall experience was positive. The hair cutter did everything right as it relates to client conversation. They also did everything wrong as it relates to client conversations. My visit began with a warm […]