• The House of Heavilin Advatage Cosmetology Program

    • We are a Pivot Point Member School offering an internationally recognized curriculum.
    • Pivot Point on-line learning system.
    • You receive an Electronic device once you have complete the freshman classroom.
    • We supply your equipment during your training.
    • We offer elective classes such as hair extensions; make up, airbrushing, waxing and nails that take you beyond the basics.
    • Learn using top of the line products like Schwartzkopf hair color, Tigi, White Sands and OPI nail polish.
    • We offer Senior Prep classes to ensure readiness for State Board Exams.
    • You receive a new kit at the end of your training with all new supplies that prepares you for the state board exam.
    • We offer job placement.
    • We pay your $150 State Board Exam fee.
    • In 2013, average student teacher ratio was 10:1.
    • We offer a Masters Program to students who qualify.

  • What Matters Most?

    What Matters Most for a Successful Business?

    A.) Product

    B.) Service

    C.) Location

    D.) Marketing

    While all of these contribute to the success of your business, only one factor matters most…


    Marketing yourself and your services is what makes the competitive difference. It is often assumed that the highest quality and/or best product wins, but this is NOT true in our Industry. Our business depends on the relationships we build along the way. The people are our link to our Success!

    Timeless Promoting


    Network! Network! Network! That is all you hear and it is what our business thrives on. Meeting people and building relationships will help you grow personally as well as professionally. The world is on a networking craze from online to social media, to industry associations, and networking clubs of all types. But the best way for you to network is right in your salon. The clients that you see every day are your links to your future.

    Our business is filled with opportunities to connect with people who can help us achieve our goals, and at the same time, we can help them to reach theirs. This industry sets the stage for personal one-on-one contact that allows all types of business transactions to occur. It is all about the “web,” the networking web that you have already started with your existing clients. Networking is the most effective strategy for one-on-one contact that connects you to other people. You actually network all day long, you just haven’t put it to use yet. Networking provides you with the personal touch you need to create those relationships that are the fundamentals of being a smart business owner, no matter how big or small your establishment.

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • Keep It Clean

    There are many things that you have to think about when owning a business that are important. How you prioritize what is important and what can wait is a task in itself. One of the most important concerns in a salon should be that it is clean and clutter free. Customers will not want to frequent a salon that does not seem to care about cleanliness. If your clients are aware of the high standards you set for cleanliness it reassures their confidence in you and your establishment.

    While nobody wants to take out the trash, clean a bathroom or sweep the floor around their workstation, every business needs someone to do these things. You have a choice to choose if that one of your employees is designated to do these daily chores or you hire a commercial cleaning service.

    The first thing you must do is determine what is needed to be done on a daily basis or something that is done once a week or monthly as a deep clean. Other than the obvious dirt and grime, how can you tell if your salon is clean enough or customer ready? Here is a guide that will assist you on putting your salon on the clean track.

    • Normal cleaning that you would do at home should be done daily at the salon. Sweeping, dusting and making sure the bathroom is spotless should be on your to-do list daily.

    • Clean after each customer. This is one of the most important things a salon must do for sanitary reasons. If you cut someone’s hair, the worst thing you can do is bring a customer over to your station and have him or her walk through someone else’s hair. It’s also easy to slip on someone’s hair.

    • Different services and treatments require different sanitary measures. Let your clients know you cleaned the tools being used before the service.

    • Foots spas should be cleaned thoroughly and rinsed after each use. The manicuring area also must be sterilized after each use. Sanitizing the tools used for a manicure or pedicures protects the client and your manicurist from disease.

    • When applying makeup and creams make sure you wipe the entire area clean after each client to insure cross contamination. Lotions, make up products, wax pots are susceptible to bacteria. These areas should be cleaned right after each use.

    • Make sure garbage pales are empty. Clients do not like looking at other people’s trash. Empty 2 to 3 times in a course of a day.

    • Check the bathrooms every hour. You do not want a dirty bathroom in your beauty salon. Make sure the garbage pail is empty at all times.

    By Jeff Grissler | Source: ModernSalon.com

  • Put Together Your Cosmetologist Resume the Right Way

    Not all resumes are the same. The main goal of studying hard and passing your exams is to get your dream job as a licensed cosmetologist, right? So your resume will be different from someone seeking an office position. Resumes highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications that will show you in the best possible way to your potential employer. There are many different ways to write one, so how do you determine what’s the best way for you? Here are a few tips you can personalize your cosmetologist resume and make them stand out from the rest.

    Add Some Spunk.

    This is a creative career path. One of the best perks of a licensed cosmetologist is your ability to experiment with new trends, colors, textures, etc. So why would you want a boring resume that doesn’t show your eye for style? The goal is to make your cosmetologist resume stand out in a sea of papers, but don’t add too much to the format or else it will distract readers from the content of your resume.

    What Goes First?

    It can be confusing for those who are just starting off with their first cosmetologist resume. No matter what, your name, address, telephone, and email should be at the top of the page. You want to make it easy to find for the reader so they don’t have any trouble contacting you about a position.

    After that, it’s up to you. Common sections of a resume include experience, education, training, and accomplishments. The best way to organize those sections is to put the ones that are most relevant to the position that you are applying for. For example, if you don’t have any work experience yet, it might be best to start off with your education because it will be your biggest strength (and if you had awards from training/school that would also go above experience). However, if you do have relevant experience, you should start with that.

    Once you’ve decided on which sections you want to show first, you have to decide whether you want your information to be organized chronologically or by relevance. If your previous positions were directly related to the position you are applying for, then you will want to start with your most recent position first. If not, then start with the most relevant experience you have to the position available and organize your information that way.

    Don’t Forget the Details.

    There are so many different job opportunities for a licensed cosmetologist that it could make someone’s head spin. So it’s important to add descriptions in or under the title in your experience section. Why? It lets the reader have a better idea of what you’re responsibilities were at that position, since the title of a licensed cosmetologist can be a little vague.

    One last tip, make sure that you also list accomplishments wherever you can. You may not have any awards under your belt, but there are other ways to list accomplishments. For example, accomplishments like “top of my class”, “always on time”, ”high score on exams“, etc., are more important to the position than you think. Follow these tips and you’ll write an amazing cosmetologist resume that is sure to stand out.

    Source: Salon Prep Blog

  • Perfect 10!

    Source: FirstSkills: Beth Minardi: Salon Owner and Master Colorist, offers her tips for giving clients the best salon experience.

    1. Be ready for your client. You should be prepared with all of your supplies, a clean station, and music that is appropriate for clients. Make sure that the time your client spends in your chair is relaxing and enjoyable.
    2. Always talk before you start, even when meeting with a long-time client, to ensure that she is happy with the color. Plus, ask yourself if you are satisfied with the color, or do you feel the need to suggest any dimension or an alteration in glaze or formula. Allow the client to look directly at you to share what she is thinking before you begin.
    3. Think quality of service rather than volume. Attempt to properly schedule yourself so that the clients get what they need and avoid saying “I don’t have time for this today.”
    4. Schedule to cut the hair first and color after. Color should enhance the shape, so if a new shape or fringe is planned, create these new lines first so that color and cut work together.
    5. Consider White! Black furniture, black towels and black sinks are not always a colorist’s best friends. White porcelain sinks do not stain and salon-perfect lighting and bleachable towels create an uplifting look and fresh feel.
    6. When the client demands perfect coverage of gray – deliver it! Avoid color accelerators unless approved by the color manufacturer. Most accelerators speed lift, not deposit. When meeting a client for the first time, process gray re-growth for the maximum time suggested by the manufacturer.
    7. Refrain from using permanent color or alkaline demi color to refresh faded hair lengths. Take the modern approach and use an acidic liquid demi (like Beth Minardi Signature) during the final 10-15 minutes of a color retouch.
    8. Never attempt to retouch tangled, matted hair. Brush thoroughly prior to coloring. When highlighting very curly hair, iron the hair smooth before beginning to highlight. P.S. Minardi Glisten Drops are a great detangler!
    9. Cover that client! Ask that jewelry and jackets are removed prior to color application and cover the client with a smock and a towel around the shoulders. Make certain her handbag is not on the floor and is away from color and water.
    10. Mix and measure carefully. Record today’s formulas in your color record book, along with today’s price for services. Remember that last month’s formula is a guide to today’s work.

    ONE LAST NOTE: Resist the urge to be come a boring “cookie cutter” colorist who uses the same formulas over and over again. Take classes. Read. Try new things. Do not bore your clients or yourself. A simple twist or slightly new approach keeps things interesting!