• All Guys Haircuts = $10? Think Again!

    All guy’s haircuts are $10. No guy has ever paid more than $10 for a haircut. No one has ever charged more than $10 for a guy’s haircut. Hang on. Wait a minute. There are many guys who have handed over more than $10 to a haircutter. There are many haircutters who have taken more […]

  • 5 Tips to Think About Before You Go Solo

    Thinking about going Solo? Are you ready to take the big leap and open the doors of freedom and independence? Or do you like the comfort of knowing you can depend on co-workers and salon management to keep you going? What’s right for you? Both journeys allow for different experiences that provide necessary knowledge that […]

  • Advantages of a Licensed Cosmetology School Certification

    As an aspiring cosmetologist, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of the education you receive will be directly related to your future opportunities. This makes it incredibly important that you choose a licensed cosmetology school that has an excellent reputation in preparing students for creative careers in this growing industry. By selecting […]

  • House of Heavilin Beauty College Advantage #5

    House of Heavilin Beauty College is an Accredited post-secondary institution. What exactly does that mean? This mean House of Heavilin Beauty College has met rigorous standards to qualify for government and independent accreditation. We take pride in knowing our educational and financial systems are verified and cohesive. At House of Heavilin Beauty Colleges, we understand […]