• Guaranteed Ways to Wow a Client

    Let’s give them something to talk about… In today’s competitive world in the beauty industry, getting a new client is a gift. You have to really understand what our business is all about first, and that it is about servicing PEOPLE. When you put people first and take a genuine interest in who they are […]

  • Building a Professional Portfolio

    As your days at cosmetology school come to an end, you’ll face a new challenge—finding your first job. Beyond having a great resume, and reputable school with great references from the instructors, chief among the things students need to have ready for their job search is a professional portfolio that will catch the eye of […]

  • 8 Ways to Make Your Client Feel Like an A-Lister

    Talk Less. Listen a lot more. The ratio should look like this: she talks 80% of the time. You talk 20%. Be a Concierge. In fine hotels, the concierge plays a vital role in customer service by answering questions and solving problems. For example, let’s say she’s looking for a nice place for lunch. Suggest […]

  • Clients Have Feelings, Too

    You can build your salon with the most expensive equipment. Hire the finest interior decorator to finish the salons interior. Employ the best marketing person in town to promote your salon and build the best hair salon staff in the country. All these things are important but this will not guarantee that your customers are […]

  • Are You a Cosmetology Therapist?

    Now that you have passed your cosmetology exam and become a cosmetology professional, do you sometimes feel like a therapist to some of your clients? If you are doing a great job, you probably do. You have become a trusted confidant to your clients. But this can be a slippery slope if not handled with […]