• How to Choose a Good Esthetics School?

    How to Choose a Good Esthetics School? Choosing the right beauty school for your skin esthetics training is an important step in getting your career started on the right track. With a deep passion for the industry and a desire to graduate well prepared, talented skin estheticians, these schools stand out from the crowd with […]

  • The “Rock Star” Stylist: How to build, market, and perform like a rock star!

    Someone once asked me what is it like to be a cosmetologist? The response, “It’s kind of like being a ROCK STAR!” You have a stage to perform on, fan’s that love you, a back- up band that supports you and a feeling of fortune and fame. This all sounds glamorous but as with any […]

  • Challenge Yourself!

    Source: FirstChair.com Whether you’re in or out of school, an effective way to broaden your styling skills is to enter a competition. Not only will you gain valuable hours of practice and critical thinking, you have a chance at getting your name and work publicized. The skills you’ll learn from preparing for competition will make […]

  • Men’s Method

    Specializing in cutting men’s hair is more than ever becoming a very creative and lucrative part of the salon industry. The attention to detail in the craft of men’s cutting is what it’s all about. The Men’s Method by Wahl was created to teach beauty students the importance of honing the craft of men’s cutting. […]