• Why Cosmetology Is a Great Career Choice

    When asked why they love their careers, most established cosmetologists would simply smile and respond ‘what’s not to love?’ That says it all. This is a great industry. It’s not easy, and it can take time to build up a clientèle, but the truth is that there is very little about the work that you won’t appreciate.

    Create Your Own Schedule Aside from the love of making others look their best, the number one reason cited for becoming a cosmetologist is the freedom to create one’s own schedule. It’s the true American Dream – making money, providing for yourself and your family, without a boss. With your license, you will be able to operate where you want, when you want, and for whom you want. If you have to be home to get your kids ready for school in the morning, you can do that. If you have to pick them up at 2:30 in the afternoon, you can do that too. When you want to take a vacation, you schedule it, and you make sure that your clients are scheduled around that. You have control.

    Take On Overtime; Only When You Need It Another great part of this type of work is that you can make extra money when you need it. If you need cash for holiday gifts, or your car unexpectedly breaks down, you can earn a little extra cash by working beyond your regular hours. You get paid for the work that you do, so schedule another haircut or highlight a friend’s hair in the evening, and you work toward your goal of raising some extra money.

    Make People Feel Good Every Day Watching people leave with smiles on their faces day after day, and knowing that you made that happen, is very likely the icing on the cake. This is a wonderful career anyway. It provides many advantages that the traditional 9-5 job doesn’t, but the ability to spread happiness is what ensures that cosmetologists still love the job after years and years of doing it.

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  • Beauty School On A Budget

    Are you thinking about going to cosmetology or esthetician school, but are concerned about the funds for it? Know that there are many options that can help make your school experience even greater than you have anticipated.

    The first step is deciding which school to attend. The cosmetology school you decide on should have a staff and department available specifically to help you with your financing options and payments. Once you have decided on a school, the applying process begins. We have compiled a list of options to help you make your dream come true.

    Financial Aid Financial Aid is a grant or scholarship, loan, or paid employment offered to help with college expenses. Usually provided by federal and state agencies, colleges, high schools, foundations, and corporations. Check with your school to see if you qualify for Financial Aid (FAFSA) .

    Loans A student loan may differ from other types of loans due to the interest rates and repayment schedule (repayment can often be deferred up to 6 months after graduation). In the United States there are two types of student loans: federal loans and private student loans. The government sponsors federal loans while private student loans broadly include state-affiliated nonprofits and institutional loans provided by a school. In order to apply for a federal student loan, you need to have completed and submitted an application for FAFSA first. Based on these results, your school will send you a financial aid award letter, which may include the federal student loan options that are available to you.

    Scholarships There are many institutions offering scholarships to prospective cosmetology students. Each scholarship is awarded based on a particular set of standards; ask your school if they have any scholarships available. Don’t just end there, continue applying for as many cosmetology school scholarships as you can, it will only increase your chances of winning.

    Payment Plans If all else fails, try having a one-on-one conversation with one of the staff members at the cosmetology school of your choice about payment options. Many times they will be able to help you figure out a comfortable payment plan while you continue your education.

    If you are serious about following your dream of cosmetology, nothing should hold you back from becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

    Source: Avalon School of Cosmetology

  • Black is the New Black

    It’s timeless, figure-flattering, chic, stylish and most importantly stain repellent-it’s the signature color of our industry and here’s how to style it.

    Tip 1: Play With Texture

    It’s true, black goes with everything. From silk and satin to linen and flannel, the beauty of black is that you can mix fabric options without looking overdone.

    Tip 2: Know Your Shapes

    This is a lesson in dressing your body type. Use this subdued color to play with interesting silhouettes. Find items that celebrate your curves, height or your lack of either. Do you have an itty-bitty waist? Show it off in a peplum top. Flaunt it with an A-line dress.

    Tip 3: Layer Up

    You never know what the temperature in the salon will be. You may be inside, outside, with or without air conditioning or heat. Remember when it comes to mastering the art of layering, start with the basics, a lightweight knit sweater or a shift dress are great foundation pieces.

    Tip 4: Add A Statement Piece

    Take your outfit from drab to fab by simply piling on the accessories. A leather jacket, statement jewelry, scarves or hair accessories can add just the right amount of edge or frill to your look.

    Source: FirstChair.com

  • The Cost of Being Casual

    Being BFFs with your clients might not be the key to making money-here’s why.

    Stylists often put themselves at a bit of a disadvantage by generally being friendly and outgoing people who make connections easily. It’s not all bad, but it can be a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to putting dollars in your pocket (and that should definitely be a goal for you).

    Carlos Valenzuela, stylist and author of I-Fabulous Salon Success, a success guide for new salon pros, says that “nothing wears professionalism down faster than making clients your best friends.”

    Before protesting that this is too harsh, consider trying to do business or sell to a friend; It’s a little awkward, and you might feel inclined to cut them a deal. If all of your clients are dear fiends, you could feel uncomfortable trying to upsell them, retail to them or even have them pay full price for services.

    “Notice that when you go to a high-priced place, they never show a slap-on-the-back attitude,” Valenzuela says. “They are friendly, courteous, but keep that professional distance to remind you that they are not there to hand out but to sell you something. It’s like they have a script. Bingo.”

    That script is a good solution if you feel yourself getting overly chummy with clients. Make sure you know what your end-game is and how you’re going to get there; if you want to get an add-on service to every ticket or aim to retail one item to each client, plan to do so. This doesn’t mean you’re not being friendly to your clients, but make sure they see you as a valuable, worthwhile service provider.

    “You must work in a salon to deliver incredible services and charge appropriately for every minute of your time versus going to do all your friends’ hair in their homes,” Valenzuela says. “With those earnings, you can then hang out with your friends, who are outside the salon.”

    Source: FirstChair By: Carlos Valenzuela