• Job Buzz: Spa Professionals in Hot Demand

    Spa professionals are in hot demand.

    The U.S. Department of Labor says employment of skin care specialists is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2022 and a recent report in Spa Opportunities has shown a strong increase in the number of spa market jobs available with many operators expanding and opening new spas.

    “Our year-on-year monitoring shows a strong uplift in the volume of job opportunities available for professionals across the spa market, from director and management roles, through to therapist positions,” Helen Andrews, the associate publisher of Spa Opportunities , said in a recent Spa Opportunities report.

    And the boom isn’t only in the U.S.

    “Our recruitment clients are highlighting increased competition for high-level candidates across all parts of the market globally and with so many operators ramping up their development pipelines and opening new spas, this challenge is forecast to increase,” Andrews added.

    The types of spa roles available are broadening, with more companies offering flexible employment terms, according to Andrews. A number of roles available on the spaoppor­tunities. com website are for self-employed and freelance professi­onals. Other brands currently seeking spa staff include Chewton Glen and Cliveden, Center Parcs, Ribby Hall and Rookery Hall in the UK, according to the website. In the Channel Islands, L’Horizon Beach Hotel and Spa and Hand Picked Hotels’ St. Pierre Park Hotel and Golf Resort are also seeking staff. Seeking to capitalize on the spa market boom, Salon Matchmakers , a free matchmaking service launched this year and specifically connects spa owners and top talent.

    The U.S. skin care market is not slowing down . The U.S. Department of Labor noted the increase in employment of skin care specialists reflects demand for new services being offered , such as mini sessions (quick facials at a lower cost).

    In addition, the desire among women and a growing number of men to reduce the effects of aging and to lead a healthier lifestyle through better grooming including skin treatments for relaxation and well-being should result in employment growth, the Department of Labor said.

    Source: skininc.com

  • 5 Signs You Should Go to Cosmetology School

    Interested in cosmetology school but not exactly sure if it is the right decision for you? Make the difficult decision an easier one by checking out Avalon School of Cosmetology’s 5 signs you should go to cosmetology school.

    You started experimenting with hair, makeup, and other beauty supplies at a young age

    If you were that child who cut their own bangs at age 4 or would try and convince your siblings and friends to let you do their makeup, you clearly have been interested in beauty since a young age. Turning your lifelong interests into a career is probably the smartest thing you could do. Your career is a big part of your life so having a job that you are passionate about is the first way to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

    You are already the go-to for your friends’ and family’s beauty needs

    Before weddings, dances, or even just a Friday night with friends, there is usually that one person who steps in and does everybody’s hair and/or makeup. If you are this person that so many people turn to in a time of [beauty] need, you clearly have talent that others recognize, and already have a clientèle to help you get going on your beauty career!

    You enjoy making people feel good about themselves

    Bringing out the beauty in people is such a rewarding feeling. When somebody looks in the mirror after you cut and style their hair or do their makeup and they say “WOW, I look good”, you get an amazing feeling of fulfillment. After all, it is a powerful quality to be able to boost somebody’s confidence and make them feel and look beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well.

    You can start up a conversation with anybody

    Whether you are riding the bus, waiting in line at the grocery store, or just sitting in class, you are somebody who finds a way to chat with any type of person about anything. This is such a useful characteristic to have in life, especially for beauty professionals. A cosmetologist interacts with several different people on a daily basis so having the ability to strike up a conversation with whoever ends up in your chair will make them feel more comfortable and, therefore, is a positive quality for beauticians.

    You want a successful career that doesn’t require a desk

    Desk jobs can be a drag for a large majority of people. If you feel this way, then a desk job is probably not for you. Luckily, the beauty industry has so many options to choose from to keep your career fun and interesting. You get to interact with colleagues who have the same interests as you and get paid to exercise your own creativity and imagination to make a work-of-art on your canvas of hair, skin, or nails.

    If you think you have what it takes to go to cosmetology school , get started today!

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  • Cosmetology as a Career vs. Freelance Cosmetology

    One major benefit of having cosmetology as a career, aside from being a master of your own beauty of course, is its flexibility. Just as health care endlessly provides those in the medical field with work, beauty care does the same for cosmetologists. At the end of the day (well, at some point in the day), people get their hair cut, their makeup done, their nails polished, etc. That’s where you come in. The only question is: What works for you: cosmetology as a career full-time or freelance cosmetology (i.e. freelance makeup, freelance hair stylist jobs, etc.)?

    Cosmetology as a career full-time is a major commitment, as with any full-time job, but it’s probably safe to assume that anyone entering into the beauty industry wholeheartedly (at their own will at least… the counterpart to that would be a very peculiar situation,) accordingly has a wholehearted passion for beauty. That’s not to say freelance cosmetologists aren’t passionate about cosmetology; it simply means that there may be more pressing matters in such an individual’s life. So, what qualifies as a career in cosmetology? What exactly does freelance cosmetology entail?

    Cosmetology as a Career – For the Devoted Folk

    A career in cosmetology full-time is just what it sounds like; say “bye-bye” to your life… We’re totally kidding! In fact, discovering your passion in this field will sound a lot more like, “Heyo!” or, “Victory is mine!” depending on your particular taste in dialect. There is a huge range of careers in the beauty industry, making your personal interest highly customizable. What separates these from freelance work isn’t so much the actual work as it is your sense of being. For example, a photographer may dabble in painting, but at the end of the day he (or she) is still a photographer and photography is still their purpose, their passion, or what-have-you… A full-time cosmetologist is much the same with the art of cosmetology.

    Freelance Cosmetology – For the Less Available Yet Equally Interested Folk

    You’d be surprised at the number of freelance cosmetologists in the U. S. of A. and yet, there’s still an enormous market of jobs to go around (say what?!). It’s true: careers in the beauty industry cast a pretty broad net, and there’s freelance work within each niche. Freelance makeup and freelance hairstylist jobs are among the most popular, but who’s to say freelance nail art or freelance hair removal aren’t possibilities? Working part time in the freelance cosmetology career field is ideal for a plethora of reasons. Among these reasons a few might be:

    • Relatively easy entry into the cosmetology career field.
    • Exciting and fun source of extra income.
    • Genuine interest, although it might be somewhat minimized in comparison to full-time commitment.

    Source: Salon Prep Blog

  • There’s a Sneaky Stylist in Town!

    Beware Who’s in Your Chair!

    Developing Chair Side Manners…

    Have you ever gone to a Dentist or Doctor and just didn’t like the way they made you feel? You booked an appointment, hoping they will have the solution to your dental issue or personal health. Once you arrived, they hurried you through the service and left you with a feeling like they just didn’t care if you were in their chair or not. Well, that is what some clients experience when they come to us. They choose us for our expertise to get their personal beauty needs to be met; expecting an attentive, caring, creative stylist- only to be let down by an overworked, energy drained, careless person who just wants to get the service done, go home or look at their phone. This is not everyone, but it is happening more than you think.

    I am a sneaky stylist, and I personally have been less than satisfied with what I have been experiencing in some of the salons. I mysteriously visit salons to see how I am treated, what new services are being promoted and how well I am serviced. I do this to give myself a checkup from the neck up, and to make sure I am on top of my game. I challenge my chair side manners. I go to a different salon once a month and rate my experience in these 10 areas:

    Presentation*Accommodation*Professionalism*Sanitation*Communication*Staff Camaraderie*Enthusiasm, Effort*Technical Execution*Retail Recommendation*Reward/ Why I should come back*And the way they make me feel

    The beauty industry is the BEST career path with massive amounts of opportunities to explore. We are the one business people are willing to spend their hard- earned money on with the return of an uplifted feeling when they leave. Simple request right? Then let’s get excited about our career and showcase an attitude of gratitude for the fantastic opportunity to make someone who is sitting in your chair look and feel amazing. There are so many reasons why a client will not return and most of the time it is because of the way you made that person feel when they were in your chair. Your technical skills will only take you so far in this business, if you’re in for the journey, work harder on your chairside manners than you do on anything else. Your personal actions will go a long way when you’re trying to build comfort and trust.

    Source: Kathy Jager: educational solutions

  • Got Your Five

    How big of a difference can an additional $5 per ticket make? Turns out $5 is worth a lot more than you might think!

    Five dollars might not seem like much, but it’s a small tweak in your tickets that can make a difference over time.

    Millennium Salon Software points out that just tacking on a conditioning treatment to a haircut or aromatherapy to a massage can quickly increase your average ticket. Just think if you have 200 clients who visit five times a year and you make an additional $5 on each of those clients, you’ll make $5,000 more per year. Suddenly, $5 doesn’t seem so inconsequential.

    There are several ways to do this. Buddying up with a front desk associate is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your clients; the front desk team can try to get those add-ons even before your client walks in the door, and they might help you close on a product sale. But you can accomplish a lot working solo, too.

    Here are five ways to get your extra $5 (or more!) according to Millennium:

    1. Add-on services: For women, try a glaze or conditioning. For men, offer to camouflage gray, do a neck shave or scalp massage.
    2. Pre-book: Make sure you talk about the next appointment while your client is still in your chair.
    3. Up your frequency of visit: It seems obvious, but it bears mentioning that one more visit from a client will help a lot. On-trend short haircuts require more upkeep, which is an easy way to increase a client’s frequency.
    4. Keep your clients: Hold onto your regulars by making each one feel special; retaining repeat clients is even more important and profitable than finding new ones.
    5. Participate in a friendly competition: Salon-wide leaderboards are a great way to motivate you to achieve at a higher level. Suggest your salon keep a back-room leaderboard for stats such as most retail sold, highest pre-booking percentage or highest average ticket.

    Source: FirstChair.com