• 10 Questions You Need to Ask Every Client

    If you haven’t heard this a million times already, let us reiterate: Consultations are a cornerstone of successful appointments and happy clients. Whether your clients are 20 or 60, new or regulars, it’s imperative that you touch base with them and establish what they are looking for and how you’re going to get there. According […]

  • Diversify your Career! You…Reinvented!

    Everyone needs an occasional makeover! Success as a cosmetologist requires more than just talent and hard work: you also have to manage to keep progressive within your industry. It means stretching yourself to do something you never did before. Try different avenues within the cosmetology field and learn to diversify your career so that you […]

  • Beauty Professionals Making a Difference

    Learn About the Look Good…Feel Better Program! Look Good…Feel Better is a free program dedicated to helping people with cancer cope with the many appearance-related changes caused by cancer treatment. It all started in 1989 with two pilot programs in New York City and Washington, D.C. Now, after more than twenty years, Look Good…Feel Better […]

  • Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Cosmetology Education

    Get the most out of your cosmetology education. Follow these great tips from Modern Salon ! 1. Always be 15 minutes early. Arriving early to school every day gives you the opportunity to prepare for class. Clean and organize your tools, read ahead for class and find a good seat close to the front of […]