• 5 Tips for Increasing Your Male Clientele

    Specializing in cutting men’s hair is more than ever becoming a very creative and lucrative part of the salon industry. The attention to detail in the craft of men’s cutting is what it’s all about. The Men’s Method by Wahl was created to teach beauty students the importance of honing the craft of men’s cutting. […]

  • Entry Level Cosmetology Tips

    Fresh out of beauty school, a cosmetologist is excited to get her career into full swing. With school out and a license in hand, she is able to work full time in the hair, nail and skin industries providing clients with everything from innovative hair color to gel nails to chemical peels. But, there are […]

  • How to Teach Students to cut Kids Hair by House of Heavilin

    Best Practices on How to TEACH Students to Cut Kids Hair….

    A crash course in the basics! Everyone deserves and wants a great hair cut… even kids! Getting your haircut can have a powerful effect on the lives of many people no matter what their age is. It is a very personal experience that has a big impact on the way they will feel when they […]

  • Cosmetology: Not Just for Women Anymore!

    Just as some fields of work were once reserved exclusively for men, the field of cosmetology used to be viewed as a women-only zone. Times are changing, though—increasingly large numbers of men are enrolling in cosmetology schools across the nation. Now that the beauty industry is roaring, talent is no longer limited by gender. Some […]