• Managing Stress at the Salon

    Don’t let job stress get you down! Managing the things you’re in control of will help you keep your cool. Stress on the job has been shown in study after study to be a major source of health problems. Salon professionals have always been fortunate that a major reason people report feeling stress on the […]

  • Finding the GOLD in People that Drives you CRAZY!

    Have you ever had a client drive you so crazy that you felt like firing them? Can you? Did you ever want to say, “I’m sorry; nothing I’m doing is making you happy so I think it’s best that we part ways and you find another stylist? Should you? There is no doubt that we […]

  • How to Care for Dry, Cracked Lips in the Winter

    To be able to know how to care for dry, cracked lips in the winter, we must first understand why it is happening. Our lips only have thin surface layers of skin so they are typically the first thing to become dry before the rest of our face. In the winter the air is so […]

  • Holiday Havoc: How to Survive the Season Beautifully!

    The holiday season is usually one that we all look forward to. However, the happiest time of year may leave you looking not so pleasant! It’s completely normal that all of Christmas’s festivities can take a toll on your beauty routine, but you can take some precautions to keep your sparkling glow all the way […]