• 15 Signs You May be a Future Haircolorist

    Sure, you’re interested in hairstyling as a career. But did you ever consider possibly specializing in hair color? Dedicated professional colorists are fast becoming one of the most sought-after features at high-end salons; in fact, there’s even a process by which one can become board-certified in the area of hair coloring. If you have always […]

  • 13 Signs That You Are a Future Makeup Artist

    13 Signs That You Are a Future Makeup Artist Sure, you are interested in beauty—or else you wouldn’t be reading this, right? However, the career of a makeup artist is a calling that appeals specifically to a certain type of cosmetology-gifted student. If you’re into makeup, you’re something of a magician: You love the idea […]

  • 11 Signs You May Be a Future Esthetician

    The title of “esthetician” has a very clinical—and somewhat grave—sound to it, but in reality, it’s one of the most hands-on, caring fields in the beauty industry. Students of esthetics are responsible for transforming the very fabric of human beauty, the skin, creating a healthy foundation for all other treatments to follow. In addition to […]

  • 11 Signs That You Are a Future Hair Stylist

    Love hair? Love to play with hair? Love to cut, trim, curl, and just generally get your hands into a head of hair? There are plenty of people out there who enjoy the art of hairstyling—but probably the biggest indicator that you are a true future hair stylist is your overall attitude toward your finished […]