• 15 Signs You May be a Future Haircolorist

    Sure, you’re interested in hairstyling as a career. But did you ever consider possibly specializing in hair color? Dedicated professional colorists are fast becoming one of the most sought-after features at high-end salons; in fact, there’s even a process by which one can become board-certified in the area of hair coloring. If you have always been interested in various hair shades, how they affect overall beauty, and the artistry in applying color, this may be the avenue just for you.

    Still, need convincing? Here are 15 fun reasons why “hair colorist” may be your title in the future!

    #1. As a child, you always wanted a Halloween costume that allowed you to spray in a cool hair color, use temporary hair dye, or even just create streaks with food coloring!

    #2. You completely understand the subtle differences between ash, golden, butter, beige, and pale blondes . Bonus: You know how to work these in highlight form, too!

    #3. You also understand that chestnut, maple, chocolate, and cinnamon are not just yummy-sounding flavors — they’re viable names for different shades of brown hair.

    #4. You also completely understand the aesthetic problems of having a hair color that’s just a shade too “cool” or too “warm”.

    #5. Brassy ” is a word that strikes fear in your heart.

    #6. Orange is your least favorite color.

    #7. Balayage ” is an actual word in your vocabulary.

    #8. You are actually at least 50% gray, but nobody knows, thanks to your clever covering techniques!

    #9. You were the first to try the ombre trend . In fact, you’ve tried several versions of the ombre trend!

    #10. You have undertaken at least one extreme change to your own hair—or a friend’s: Be it dark brunette to light blonde, red to platinum, or any other technique that requires a complete strip of your natural color.

    #11. You’ve also colored your hair a shade that does not exist in nature. Probably at least a few times by now!

    #12. You’ve experimented with so many colors on your head that you’ve been forced to cut your hair super-short at least once in your life, due to the resultant damage.

    #13. The first thing you consider when recommending a hair product is how it will affect hair color or the condition of colored hair.

    #14. You believe that one’s skin or eye color can appear completely different due to a change in hair color.

    #15. Some girls buy new shoes to feel better…you simply pick up a new shade of hair color!

    Source: Ogle School

  • 13 Signs That You Are a Future Makeup Artist

    13 Signs That You Are a Future Makeup Artist

    Sure, you are interested in beauty—or else you wouldn’t be reading this, right? However, the career of a makeup artist is a calling that appeals specifically to a certain type of cosmetology-gifted student. If you’re into makeup, you’re something of a magician: You love the idea of transformation and variety. You know that any face can be made up to look a dozen different ways. You’re in love with the control over appearance. You may just be a little bit “out there”!

    That said, here are 13 other great ways to know if you may be a future makeup artist!

    #1. Forget about the “regular” Barbie dolls. As a kid, you begged for one of those big, scary, standalone Barbie heads so you could practice makeup techniques.

    #2. You also got in trouble with your mom for stealing expensive department-store lipstick out of her makeup bag, when you all-too-quickly used up the “play” stuff that came with your Barbie head!

    #3. Your parents said, “no makeup until you’re in high school.” That didn’t deter you: Who had the best Lip Smackers collection in elementary school?

    #4. Who’s the girl in the crowd wearing blue lipstick/rainbow eyeshadow/neon blusher/any current, difficult makeup trend? It’s you, of course. And you’re totally rocking it.

    #5. You’re shamelessly addicted to makeup tutorials on YouTube. The more extreme , the better.

    #6. College isn’t for you. You’re prepared to research good professional makeup schools in order to chase your real dream.

    #7. You’re also prepared to pay for good schooling. A full course at an accredited school can run thousands of dollars .

    #8. You know, and can glibly explain, the differences between BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer, concealer, primer, foundation, and high-definition foundation.

    #9. Your friend is about to get married, has chosen a strapless gown… and has a giant back piece tattoo. “Can you cover this?” Of course, you can!

    #10. The same friend on her wedding day breaks out with the world’s largest pimple. You have her looking like Snow White in minutes.

    #11. You know there is more to makeup than just pretty colors on pretty girls. You’re interested in how to work with different skin types and conditions, and how to cover scars, birthmarks, and deformities.

    #12. You’re interested not only in makeup, but also a career involving film, photography, or fashion—all of which involve long, tiring hours. But also plenty of thrills and satisfaction!

    #13. You truly are inspired by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Makeup is a magical tool in your eyes, which can turn anyone into model material.

    Source: Ogle School

  • 11 Signs You May Be a Future Esthetician

    The title of “esthetician” has a very clinical—and somewhat grave—sound to it, but in reality, it’s one of the most hands-on, caring fields in the beauty industry. Students of esthetics are responsible for transforming the very fabric of human beauty, the skin, creating a healthy foundation for all other treatments to follow. In addition to working on complexion issues, estheticians learn proper waxing and other skin-related techniques, equipping them to provide a total polished surface for their clients. Estheticians also enjoy the bonus of a range of attractive career opportunities. Spas and clinics in need of these professionals abound—would you prefer working in a medical office, cruise ship, or even a destination spa? The choices are broad and varied!

    If all this sounds more than “skin deep” to you, here’s a few fun signs to consider that might just indicate you’re perfect for the field of esthetics!

    #1. As a child, you didn’t make pies with your mud puddles. You slathered it right on your face—just like the ladies in mommy’s beauty magazines!

    #2. When you became a little older, you came up with your own unique Mother’s Day gift: A homemade “spa day,” complete with cucumber slices, bubble bath, and scented candles for Mom.

    #3. As a teenager, your birthday list included a Clarisonic set , plus magnifying lamp .

    #4. Also, you were likely the only one in your crowd who resisted picking at those pesky adolescent pimples (and you yelled at your friends when they did so, too)!

    #5. Speaking of pimples and blackheads, they’ve never grossed you out. In fact, you actually get a lot of satisfaction from extracting them—properly, of course!

    #6. You can whip up a homemade facial using just about any ingredients in anyone’s refrigerator/pantry—and you can specialize it to a particular skin condition, too.

    #7. You have always received compliments for your glowing, satiny complexion. And nine times out of 10, you aren’t wearing makeup.

    #8. Nothing makes you cringe more than a bad (or nonexistent) bikini wax at the pool or beach.

    #9. Oh wait, take that back. Nothing makes you cringe more than people who don’t use sunscreen at the pool or beach !

    #10. You love the smell of eucalyptus, and nothing makes you happier than the idea of spending every day in a spa.

    #11. Even more than that, you love the idea of getting down to the actual root surface of what makes a person physically beautiful. You believe a perfect canvas is an essential start to any work of art!

    Source: Ogle School

  • 11 Signs That You Are a Future Hair Stylist

    Love hair? Love to play with hair? Love to cut, trim, curl, and just generally get your hands into a head of hair? There are plenty of people out there who enjoy the art of hairstyling—but probably the biggest indicator that you are a true future hair stylist is your overall attitude toward your finished product.

    Natural-born hair stylists know that a bad hair day can, actually, ruin an otherwise perfectly good day. And that a gorgeously styled mane can up an average-looking individual’s attractiveness quotient by at least several points. All that said, if you truly believe in the power of a well-done ‘do, here are 11 fun things to consider when asking yourself, “Am I a hair stylist in training?”

    #1. As a child, you cut off all your Barbie doll’s hair. Then cried when you realized it wouldn’t grow back. (Bonus: You did it to your sister’s Barbie, and cried when you realized what hot water you were going to be in when she found out!)

    #2. Then you recovered… and tried your shears out on one of Barbie’s buddies!

    #3. You have no fear of going extreme with your ‘do: You know that unlike Barbie, human hair always grows back (at the average rate of a half inch per month , as a matter of fact). So, whether it’s a mohawk, pixie, or fade — if you hate it, so what? Time heals everything!

    #4. That said, you have always been cognizant of how facial shapes and features can be enhanced (or the exact opposite!) by just the right haircut.

    #5. Cutting bangs is a major decision for most ordinary people. You? Tried ’em and grown ’em out at least four times over your life. (Okay—your first-grade school photo doesn’t count…maybe three times!)

    #6. You were the most popular kid in class come prom time. You fixed up all your gal pals with perfect long curls, and showed all your boys how not to overdo it with the hair gel.

    #7. You’ve also taught your dad, brothers, uncles, and other guys in your life exactly how to use hair gel and other grooming products—plus what looks really just don’t work –and that a good hairstyle isn’t just for the ladies.

    #8. Your worst nightmare: Split ends. Conditioner is a temporary fix… you know the only real solution is to cut those buggers off!

    #9. You get completely excited discussing the various merits of ceramic straighteners .

    #10. You know Brazilian blowouts contain formaldehyde. You also know it’s usually such a small amount that it’s not a safety concern.

    #11. You never lose sight of the simple fact: When your hair looks good, you look good. Plain and simple. And you’re happy to be part of anyone’s transformation to a good hair day!

    Source: Ogle School