• A Lesson in Social Media Etiquette

    Think of your social media channels—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as your first interview. This doesn’t mean shut everything down, but make sure the content you are displaying shows off your talents, personality and maybe not your favorite happy hour spot. “Using social media is an easy and momentous way to get noticed by a potential […]

  • 5 Graduation Life Lessons

    Your future isn’t set in stone; imagine it the way you want it to be and then take action. My eldest son graduated from Indiana University in 2014. The commencement speaker was Michael Higgins, ninth president of Ireland, an Indiana University graduate himself. Higgins spoke of the importance of “challenging false inevitabilities.” I took this […]

  • Why Beauty School is Great for Moms

    You may not know this, but beauty school is actually a fantastic option for single mothers looking to change or revamp their career path. Not only are there many grants made specifically for single mothers, but there are also a number of other cosmetology scholarships available to supplement existing grants. Learn more about these available […]

  • Nurturing Your Creativitiy: You Are Artists, First

    First and foremost, salon professionals are creative individuals. We seek to become hair, nail or makeup artists because we love to be creative. However, the reality of our work is often more functional than inspired and we can sometimes fall into thinking that what we do is just a job. I believe to be truly […]