• Career Planning: Make Way

    Sketching out your career path well before you have your license in hand sets you up for success and eases job-hunt-induced-panic. When Michelle McKinney was in cosmetology school, she concentrated on studying for tests, creating a portfolio and doing her best on the floor. “After graduation, I hand-delivered my resume to the top salons in […]

  • 8 Need-to-Knows for Selecting the Perfect Shears

    Shears are an integral part of your health and success as a stylist. Picking the perfect pair is not a time to try to save a buck or make an unresearched impulse-buy; you’ll be using these every day, multiple times a day, so make sure you take these tips from Fuel Hair to heart. ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL […]

  • What’s a Typical Day for a Cosmetology Student?

    Cosmetology school teaches through a balance of books and hands-on learning. People have different learning styles– some take in written information with ease, a memory with traction, and adaptation to applying that knowledge. Others learn best through practice and doing. At cosmetology school, intellectual and practical training work together to provide you an all-encompassing education. […]

  • How to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

    It’s pretty common knowledge that hair should be protected from sun exposure and harsh environments. However, most people don’t think about caring for their hair while they sleep. It may not seem like a significant cause of stress, but there are a few things to consider: Shampooing hair and then letting it air dry while […]