• Scissor Happy!

    “From first haircuts on toddlers to last haircuts before chemo, being a part of incredibly intimate moments in your clients’ lives is such an honor.” Growing up, one of my closest friends enlisted in the Air Force right after 9/11. He was a musician and was known for his long, blonde hair. Before he shipped […]

  • Wash Your Hands: 5 Common Mistakes

    From time to time, it helps to remind ourselves to focus on the task at hand—and when you’re washing that hand, it’s extra important! Hand-washing is among the top suggestions for making sure you don’t catch what your clients and team members bring into the salon—or what those people sneezing on the bus or in […]

  • 10 Ways to Help Ease the Pain for Your Waxing Clients

    Reach for your flip flops, swimsuits and tank tops; spring has sprung and warm weather is here (at least for some of us). To ready your salon/spa for the influx of hair removal customers who are about to come out of their winter hibernation, help market your services by being known as the establishment that […]

  • Texture Techniques

    The industry is fully embracing curly girls rather than resigning them to a flatiron or blowout. Don’t shy away from curly cuts and styles. Tips for curly cutting Before reaching for shears, the most important part of cutting curls is a consultation. Assess a client’s texture in its dry, natural state first. “Look at the […]