• The Question You have Never Asked Your Stylist

    Questions never asked to stylists

    You have probably asked your stylist a lot of questions.

    “Do you think I could pull off an A-line?” or maybe “Would I look bad with a platinum ombre?” We’re willing to bet you’ve probably never thought to ask why your stylist ALWAYS wears black.

    The Unofficial Uniform

    It is also entirely possible that you’ve never noticed the attire of your stylist, understandably so.

    Or you may have noticed that black clothes are kind of the unofficial uniform of the service industry at large.

    That encompasses everything from dining and hotel service to the beauty industry.

    And the answer is shockingly simple, black is just really hard to stain. Rather, the stains aren’t visible to customers.

    So when you work in a salon, slingin’ hair color, bleach, and barbicide it helps to wear a color that can’t be visibly damaged.

    Here is another industry secret you might not know about: Ceramic Matters

    Ceramic Sinks and Tools

    That sounds a little odd, but it’s actually for the sake of functionality.

    Ceramic sinks don’t stain when color touches them so naturally, they belong in salons. Ceramic heat tools deliver heat evenly and usually use technology that reduces the amount of frizz generated by the styling process.

    What a time to be alive!

    These may not be the greatest industry secrets ever revealed, but just remember that like every art form there is a long and rich history, so now it might be easier to strike up a conversation with your new stylist!

    Source: Ogle School

  • 5 Ways to Earn Your Clients’ Respect

    Earning your clients’ respect is a pillar for success in hairdressing. Getting your clients to remain loyal and trust you, is a job in itself. Need some tips on how to do this? Associated Hair Professionals gathered together these five ways you can get your clients to respect you and your work.

    1. Repeat after me: “I am a business owner!”
    Whether you’re working at a franchise for an hourly wage, in a ‘ma & pop’ shop earning commission, renting a chair in a high-end boutique, have your own salon, or anywhere in between—you are a business owner. Your business is hairdressing and you’re responsible for keeping your chair filled. The sooner you recognize that you are a business owner, the sooner your clients will begin to respect you as the business owner you are.

    2. Be online, professionally
    We hear time and time again how important it is to have a presence on social media (and it is), but a website is what will set you apart from the crowd as a professional; it gives you online street cred. Window shopping happens online, and often your online presence is a client’s first impression of you.

    3. Education? Education! Education.
    Your clients have access to the same YouTube videos and Pinterest boards as you. Step beyond what they can get their hands on and educate yourself as the professional expert. Take advantage of webinars with industry leaders, online academies, and professional-only forums. Then don’t be shy about letting your clients know that you stay on top of your craft and are constantly expanding your expertise.

    4. Protect your career.
    Think of a service industry professional that you respect: doctors, dentists, contractors, physical therapists, psychologists, the list could go on and on. One thing those professionals have in common: they have professional liability insurance. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t visit someone that is going to work on my body, mind, or even my house unless they are insured to protect their career and my well-being as their client.

    5. Respect your own industry.
    As hair professionals, we are all part of a unique family, so-to-speak. Every other legitimate profession has a professional association to represent and protect the ‘family’ of professionals working within that industry. Show your clients that our industry is a legitimate profession, we do stick together, believe in each other, and respect our craft by joining our industry’s professional association, Associated Hair Professionals.

    Source: ModernSalon.com

  • Three Beard Grooming Tips

    When it comes to men’s style, great facial hair is key to looking polished. A well-managed scruff can give any man a little style edge.

    Some guys can rock an unkempt “bohemian” look but in general, it isn’t for everyone. To avoid looking overgrown and shaggy, proper grooming is essential. Whether it’s your own facial hair or a client’s, it can be hard to know where to start. We thought we would help you out by highlighting our favorite tips and tricks from around the internet:

    1. Pick the Right Shape

    A correct beard shape that compliments your facial shape

    Just like the hair on your head, you need to pay attention to your facial shape when it comes to facial hair. In general, your facial hair should balance out the overall shape of your face. Try to shoot for a nicely graduated, oval shape when it comes to the overall profile.

    2. Keep it Clean

    Maintain good hygiene by beard grooming.

    When it comes to your facial hair, good hygiene is just as important as it is for the hair on your head. You’ll want to encourage your clients to wash and shampoo their beards regularly, and maybe even use a conditioner or beard oil! When you’re done washing, gently dry and comb your hair to prep for grooming.

    3. Achieve a Perfect Fade

    Perfect fade in beard grooming polishes your style.

    When grooming your own or a client’s beard, achieving a great fade can elevate any style. A fade makes any style look more polished. First, you’ll want to buzz your whole beard using a guard set to 3. Then, clean your lower neck two inches below your Adam’s apple. Finally, fade that two-inch in-between zone and remove any strays!

    Beard style can really define your look. You and your clients might feel a little intimidated by proper beard grooming, but we hope these tips help you feel more confident!

    Source: The Jolie Academies

  • Are Your Ready for a New Career?

    There are only a handful of days left in the year. Are you going to kick off 2016 with doubts and hesitations?

    Maybe you’ve been considering changing paths but aren’t sure if it’s the right decision. A career in the beauty industry is rewarding and stable.
    If you’re unsure about whether or not a change is on the horizon for you, think about these questions and speak with an admissions representative today!

    Do You Have Work-Related Anxiety?
    Anxiety is a common workplace stress. But if you have begun experiencing anxiety about going to work on a more frequent basis, it may be time to consider the prospect of changing career fields.
    The beauty industry provides many opportunities to take a more involved role in your earnings and advancement.
    Anxiety can include feelings of dread, panic, or a general uneasy feeling about your job. It can be caused by a hostile environment or poor relationships with coworkers, either way, it is an indicator that change is needed!

    Are You Bored or Burned Out?
    At first, things worked out really well and every day was new and exciting, right? But after a while, the routine became dull and daunting, and you started to desire something more exciting.
    If that’s the case, then cosmetology is the perfect place for you to begin your career exploration. With flexible scheduling during school, and even more so after graduation, you won’t have to worry about falling into the monotony of the 9-5 routine!

    This line of work brings a special kind of satisfaction as you get to see the results with your clients in real-time. Each client is a new adventure, and maybe even a new friend.

    Have You Reached Your Maximum Potential?
    There comes a time in every professional’s life where there may not be room for an increase in earnings or merit. Well, almost, that isn’t so much the case with cosmetology and other fields in the beauty industry. There is always a demand for qualified stylists and, depending on the area that you’re most interested in specializing (coloring, men’s grooming etc..), there may be even growth potential for your customer base.

    Is It Time for Something New?
    Sometimes, you just need a change. This year is wrapping up so don’t wait until next December to decide that you’re ready for bigger and better things! Whether you’re a seasoned beauty vet and want to make it official or you’re completely new to the industry, Avalon has a program to fit your needs!

    Source: Avalon School of Cosmetology