• Put a Little Love in the Tub!

    Go ahead, ask anyone…What is your favorite part of a salon service? They always respond…What else…the SHAMPOO! There is nothing better than having someone spend a few extra luxurious moments lathering up the bubbles and offering you a little piece of heaven at the shampoo bow. Shampooing someone’s head is the beginning of your introduction […]

  • 10 BEST Marketing Ideas to Help Build Loyal Clients!

    The beauty industry is forever changing and with all the different models of doing business today, clients have many options to choose from. How do we keep our existing clients from browsing other salons and what can we do to build new business along the way? The smartest way to achieve your business goals is […]

  • Secrets to a Great Clientele

    By Carlos Valenzuela When I returned to working behind the chair a year ago, I set a goal to really understand who my client is, what they want, the time they spend on their hair, and what makes them happy and feel beautiful. Overshadowing this goal, like a tent in a big three-ring circus, was […]

  • How to Deal with the Moody Client

    We all experience the moody client in our chair. You know you are in for it as you approach the reception area. The receptionists sit huddled and silent after attempting a cheerful greeting. Not good, you think. You have two basic choices: refuse to work with a difficult client, or make the most of it. […]

  • How to Properly Wash Makeup Brushes

    When it comes to painting a canvas, you need high-quality brushes. In makeup, you need awesome makeup brushes. Makes sense, right? But just like with any tool, they need tender lovin’ care and you better give that to your makeup brushes. Otherwise, they will cast a spell on you that will make your face breakout! […]