• Put a Little Love in the Tub!

    Go ahead, ask anyone…What is your favorite part of a salon service? They always respond…What else…the SHAMPOO! There is nothing better than having someone spend a few extra luxurious moments lathering up the bubbles and offering you a little piece of heaven at the shampoo bow. Shampooing someone’s head is the beginning of your introduction to what type of service they can experience during their visit with you.

    The shampoo is your opportunity to “hook them” with your personal touch…This time well spent will set the tone of TRUST that they are in good hands and will be well taken care of.

    Our business is about SERVICE, and the service starts the moment a client enters the door and continues throughout the whole salon visit. The shampoo is where they make a conscious decision on if it is a place where they belong…If you’re weak in this area, the client will not be convinced they want to go sit in your chair. The shampoo has to prepare them for what’s next and leave them with a feeling of confidence and relaxation. Let’s make every shampoo one they will remember.

    Source: Kathy Jager-Educational Solutions

  • 10 BEST Marketing Ideas to Help Build Loyal Clients!

    The beauty industry is forever changing and with all the different models of doing business today, clients have many options to choose from. How do we keep our existing clients from browsing other salons and what can we do to build new business along the way?

    The smartest way to achieve your business goals is to remember that marketing is a constant and continual journey. There is no ONE WAY today of marketing.

    You need to learn how to inter-grade strategies of old school marketing, meets new school technology marketing all in the pursuit of building a relationship of trust and loyalty.

    Our clients want and deserve the very best value for their time and money and we need to be pro active in finding out how they want to be marketed to as well as what it is that they desire their personal customer service to FEEL like.

    Understanding these two elements can help you in your development of marketing to your ideal client and keeping them in your chair for years.

    Here are the top 10 Marketing Ideas to inspire you to try…

    Offer Rewards program! Marketing programs that reward customers for their patronage are not new. In fact, it is highly competitive today with the overload of offers and the variety of exclusive discounts that are innovative and enticing. The service we provide is only half of our job. The other half is where we need to shine we must ask ourselves” What makes us unique and how are we going to build lasting relationships that dazzle them to want to tell all their friends?”

    Create a Newsletter Nothing is better to a client than to stay connected with you. You have an incredible opportunity to showcase your work, client’s celebrations, monthly specials or just fashion and hair news through a nice easy newsletter.

    Create a Survey Find out what your clients want and need from your salon and ASK them for constructive feedback. The more you know, the better you can serve.

    Offer Employee Appreciation Day Build a network with your local business and host an employee appreciation day to help encourage community and foster relationships.

    Offer on-line appointments With technology changing so is the way clients want to book their appointments. We need to have 24-hour access.

    Have a SPECIAL WELCOME Package Clients need and want to feel special. Offer a unique basket or bag of products, lotions, brushes ECT, with your menu and a gift card to come back for their first experience with you.

    Be Social Post, Post, Post! On face book, linked in, instagram and now periscope if you’re interested to showcase your work and let your clients see and hear from you. Remember…..don’t be a one hit wonder. If you start to use these social media stay consistent.

    Host in- Salon Events Clients LOVE to be a part of something. Why not host events such as an Open House, a cut- a –thon to help your community or a client in need. Have a Mother’s day, Father’s day contest …why your mom or dad should win a day of beauty or pampering. Try a trivia day to let clients win services, or products. The idea of events is to just create FUN and excitement in your salon so you give them something to talk about.

    Friends Night Something magical happens when friends and beauty meet. Have a $10.00 for you and $10.00 for a friend night to use on any color service when they BOOK TOGETHER.

    The Hand Written Note There is nothing more personal and appreciative than an old fashion hand written note to say Thank you, I appreciate you, I care about you, I am just thinking of you today. This is a lost but not forgotten BEST way to connect to the special clients who come into your chair and leave a lasting impression on your heart.

    Source: Kathy Jager-Educational Solutions

  • Secrets to a Great Clientele

    By Carlos Valenzuela

    The importance of understanding your client

    When I returned to working behind the chair a year ago, I set a goal to really understand who my client is, what they want, the time they spend on their hair, and what makes them happy and feel beautiful. Overshadowing this goal, like a tent in a big three-ring circus, was perhaps the toughest of goals: my desire to listen without an ounce of judgment.

    I listened to their lives, their challenges, and insecurities—because no matter the professional distance you choose to keep, clients will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings on the day they ask to be squeezed in because their loved ones suddenly passed away. You do, and from that moment on, and forever, you will never be just their hairdresser—and, so it goes.

    Recently, when a client said to me, “You have a gift of quickly understanding what I am trying so poorly to explain,” I knew I had arrived. You can build and maintain a clientele following two rules:

    1) Know Your Client — The opposite of love is not hate— its indifference. Therefore, knowing what makes your client tick is the most sincere form of appreciation. I confess to not getting into very personal detail but am attentive to the broad strokes of client lives. I listen to my clients while I work; I try to be a safe haven where judgment and criticism don’t exist. Do this, and soon, you develop clairvoyant skills to anticipate client needs. This connection is really what makes them stay. Nothing else.

    2) Give Great Customer Service — I know, I know you have heard this over and over, but it works. There are many programs on customer service, I will boil it down to one simple sentiment: act like you are really trying to please —not doing a favor, not threatening with attitude, or telling anyone what to do. Just plain and simple working hard on their wishes. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not—this is what they want.
    After all, the secret of looking good is believing that you do. Respect that belief.

    When I train educators, they are often nervous to stand up in front of a crowd. I always bring up this classic rule: it doesn’t matter if you aren’t perfect; audiences reward you if they see you really trying–they really want you to succeed. Salon clients give you a chance and want you to excel at your skills. They want to be your proud client. Bring it to them.

    Source: ModernSalon

  • How to Deal with the Moody Client

    We all experience the moody client in our chair. You know you are in for it as you approach the reception area. The receptionists sit huddled and silent after attempting a cheerful greeting. Not good, you think.

    You have two basic choices: refuse to work with a difficult client, or make the most of it. A third option is to fight the client at every snip and curl—a poor choice that never works well. If you are going for it—jump in with your best professionalism and good intentions—or pass.

    In my early years, I wondered, why would a client show up to the salon ticked off? Stay home. Go away. Here are some insights I uncovered:

    1. Some clients just do not like coming to the salon. “ Don’t take it personally, Carlos, but coming to the salon is akin to me going to the dentist. I hate i t,” said my first client last Thursday. I kept my conversation to a minimum and got her out in record time. Clients appreciate quality delivered within a reasonably short time. If you are good and fast, that’s a big plus for clients.

    2. Respect the client/provider relationship. Leave all control to the moody client—don’t do one up quips nor assume anything. Ask before you act. “Are you in a hurry? What time do you need to be out of here? Do you have time for deep conditioning?” Asking thoughtful questions diffuses the client’s anxiety or anger level.

    3. This one is not going to make me any fans: clients may like your talent but not necessarily engaging you personally. Also shared by a client, “I loved how she did my hair, but I didn’t look forward to visiting and the conversation.” This client shows up with a book, keeps busy on a tablet while you work or uses the phone to interrupt your chatter. Silence is fine, actually preferable, with me.

    4. Some clients eventually become like friends. But, are they? Since we seek approval of our work by the client, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. I try to always distinguish between courtesies and friendships and keep it polite, but professional.

    5. Don’t apply a blanket friendship rule to all. Clients may not want to know about your weekend. There is abundant proof you make more money when you keep it professional. More on this last statement in a future blog.

    Wishing you tons of happy clients.

    Source: ModernSalon: Carlos Valenzuela

    Carlos Valenzuela is a hairdresser, international educator, salon and beauty school owner, author and frequent speaker at major beauty events.

  • How to Properly Wash Makeup Brushes

    Steps to wash your makeup brushes

    When it comes to painting a canvas, you need high-quality brushes. In makeup, you need awesome makeup brushes. Makes sense, right? But just like with any tool, they need tender lovin’ care and you better give that to your makeup brushes. Otherwise, they will cast a spell on you that will make your face breakout! So, here’s how to properly clean your brushes to make sure they are bacteria-free and that you stay zit-free!
    Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Let’s go!

    Step 1
    Get your hands on Dawn anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, olive oil, a plate and some paper towels. Makeup gurus recommend using Dawn dish soap for its powerful degreasing properties.

    Things to clean makeup brushes

    Things you need to clean your makeup brushes.

    Step 2
    Pour in some liquid soap and then pour olive oil on the other side. Do you see that part where the soap and oil meet? Swirl your makeup brush there and swirl some more until you feel you’ve got enough product in there.

    Use of Dawn liquid soap and olive oil to wash makeup brushes

    Use Dawn liquid soap and olive oil together.

    Step 3
    Now to actually get rid of the grime and dirt, you have to swirl the brush at the palm of your hand. Just swirl and swirl until you feel like you’ve cleaned it enough. After that, repeat Steps 1 to 3 with all the brushes you have.

    Swirl makeup brushes to clean them properly.

    Swirl the makeup brush on your hand.

    Step 4
    Once you’re done cleaning them, it’s time to rinse them. Only use lukewarm water as this is the best temperature for your makeup brushes’ bristles.

    Also, make sure that the brush is pointing downwards with the bristles at the bottom. Never hold the makeup brush the other way; water will go into the brush damaging the glue that holds the bristles together. No!!! It will destroy your precious brushes.

    Use lukewarm water to rinse makeup brushes.

    Rinse the soap and oil with lukewarm water.

    Step 5
    What is that purple glove you see? Well, that’s a spa-cleaning glove and it will really help clean and rinse your brushes properly. Just wear the glove and start swirling away!

    By the way, you can also use this in Step 3 because, sometimes, the bristles can hurt the hand and if you’re cleaning a lot, your hand may take a beating.

    Spa-cleaning glove to properly wash the makeup brushes

    You can also use a spa-cleaning glove for easier cleaning.

    Step 6
    If you’re done rinsing the brush; squeeze the bristles to remove excess water. This will make drying easier and faster.

    Squeezing the bristles to remove water from makeup brush

    Squeeze the excess water out.

    Step 7
    Yaaasss! You’re almost done. All you have to do is dry the brushes with a paper towel and let them air dry. Look at them all lined up, they know what you did and they love you for it!

    Dry makeup brushes by using paper towel.

    Use a paper towel to pat the brushes dry.

    Cleaning your brushes may feel like a chore at first, but you’ll see that you’ll be able to enjoy the process knowing that you’ve shown deep affection for them. And your well-cared-for brushes will return the love once they do their jobs and help make you even more beautiful!

    Source: Ogle School