• Want to Stand Out Like a SUPER STAR?

    Practice the Defining Difference of What Truly Matters…

    Work on your Soft Skills!

    To be successful you must first understand what the beauty business is really about besides the artistry, it is really about the PEOPLE. Making the people look and feel magnificent and creating the connection that offers the people that you meet the chance to feel good about who they are when they are with you. Learn to work from your heart and get on a journey of self development and continual education. This will bring you the ultimate experience of success. Make the commitment to build your life with positive new habits that shape your mind to excellence everyday and always believe in the beauty of your career and the power you have to transform lives.

    According to industry experts, however, your formal educational foundation only contributes 15% of your success. The other 85% comes from understanding and applying Soft Skills.

    What are Soft Skills? And Why do you need them?

    As much as you need technical skills you need to incorporate the benefits of Soft Skills as you continuously develop your career. “Soft skills” is a term relating to a collection of personal, positive attributes and competencies that enhance your relationships, job performance, and value to the market.

    Most people know what soft skills are but too reluctant to practice them with consistency to get the full concept of how valuable they are to the success of their life. It is a sad thought that only 1% of people will take the time to learn how to achieve success and will strive to be the best at their craft. Only 3% of people are even intentional about growing and developing their personal skills. Most people would rather complain about what they don’t have than put forth the extra effort it takes to make what they do want happen.

    Some examples of Soft Skills include:

    Effective Communication

    Business and Retailing Basics

    Problem Solving

    Conflict Resolution

    A Commitment to Integrity

    Goal Setting

    Personal Development

    Challenging Yourself

    Staying Open to Change

    Delivering “Super Service”

    Accepting Responsibility and Criticism

    Time Management and Developing Good Habits!

    Learning hard skills (technical) will help get the interview but you will need the Soft Skills to get and keep the job. Today’s salons require much more from their staff, they are looking for the candidate who possesses the qualities that will be long lasting and adaptable to their culture. Yes beauty professionals have to be great at their craft. But what are even more important are the social skills of our business that create the foundation of our industry.

    Remember: Our business is about developing relationships with PEOPLE !

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • Why Choose a Pro

    Why should you choose a professional to take care of your hair and make up for your most important moments in life?

    Professional hair stylists make you look your best in your important life events.

    -We are licensed professionals, meaning we went to school for our trade and did both written and practical hours and exams to hone our skills. We did not learn on YouTube!

    -We can hide bobby pins like a champ and can make the smallest amount of hair look like a lot.

    -We continue to educate ourselves through advanced education. We can attend classes that are for professionals only that the average person can not attend.

    -We go to trade shows that are also professional only events to learn the newest trends and tips.

    -We use professional products and stand behind them. We also know how to use them properly.

    -Our make up application does not ‘crack off.’

    Choosing licensed makeup professionals

    -We clean our tools and know how to sanitize correctly.

    -We learned professionalism. We want you to be happy. If for some reason you are unhappy we want to know so we can make you happy. It would never offend us.

    -I can’t speak for every professional out there but I can speak for myself and I hold these values high to keep my trade in good standing.

    I’ve heard some pretty horrific things that have happened to people in the past. Here are just a few:

    -Contracting pink eye from using dirty implements.

    -Makeup cracking off. This is caused by an incorrect application or not well quality products.

    -Breaking out – Could be from dirty brushes or poor clogging products.

    -Making aged skin look worse. Proper education and experience are what is needed here.

    -Wishing you spent the money for a professional because you do not like your event photos. Most complaints are looking washed out.

    We spend a ton of money on photographers and the pictures we get last a lifetime. Hire a trained professional so you are happy with your final results.

    Hire trained professionals for best outcomes in photographs

    Source: The Jolie Academies

  • 4 Beautiful Reasons to go Back to School this Fall!

    Fall is just around the corner, and while it has been dubbed by many as the “season of sweaters”, it is more importantly the time when classes reconvene and classes fill with eager students!

    There are many benefits that come of earning a degree or vocational certificate, such as opportunity for higher wages, benefits and retirement plans. For many people, their job is the sole source of financial stability, but it provides little to no room for advancement either in merit or pay because of the nature of their occupation. Dead-end jobs provide the bare necessities, but careers provide a platform for future planning, growth and development.

    Still, there are individuals who may be hesitant about returning to school, because they fear that they will be out of place in the student body. Additionally there may also be concerns about the stigma attached to non-traditional students.

    Check out these 4 reasons to get back to school this Fall!

    Increase Your Earning Potential
    Earning a degree or certificate provides an opportunity for gainful employment and future promotion and growth. While many full time jobs satisfy the basic financial needs, many of them lack the ability to move up in merit, and pay grade. Going back to school this fall could mean as little as a year between you and uncapped future earnings.

    Secure Your Future
    Education and Training will place you in the community of people that employers are looking to hire from. While it can be difficult to work while attending class, the opportunities available afterwards are worth it. For instance the financial stability that accompanies high-paying salaries are an obvious benefit, but so are the other perks such as health insurance, and retirement packages. Having the ability to plan for your future and maybe the future of your family as well is priceless.

    Challenge Yourself
    We get stuck in routines, but you’re ready to move forward and break the mold. Going back to school will do just that. Maybe you have already completed some course of education and have been considering returning, now is the time! If the field that you’re currently working in doesn’t satisfy you, then consider seeking other options. Cosmetology courses are fast-paced and hands-on! The material that you study is just as important as the time spent mastering technique.

    Networking Opportunities
    Building a strong professional network is the first step in establishing solid credibility. For stylists specifically, connections are everything and the more people who are familiar with your name and work means that you have a stronger competitive edge over other applicants.

    Source: Avalon School of Cosmetology

  • Everything You Need to Know About Waxing

    Hair removal is an important part of every woman’s daily routine. For some of us, this habit can be a real chore. Shaving, waxing, and plucking can all be kind of intimidating and frustrating. But battling hair doesn’t have to be so difficult.

    Waxing is a great way to more permanently deal with unwanted hair. Unlike shaving or plucking, when waxed, hair takes much longer to regrow. But waxing can be a little intimidating. So we thought we’d demystify it a little for you and give you all the info you might need for working on yourself or a client.

    1. Prepping for Your Wax

    Prepping your hair while waxing

    In order to properly wax, you’ll need to grow your hair out to around one-quarter of an inch. If it isn’t long enough, you won’t be able to pull out the root ball with the hair. If it’s too long, you’ll also just be removing the hair without the source. Don’t be afraid to trim the hair beforehand to get it to a good length.

    2. Insider Tips

    Removal of dead skin cells

    Exfoliate beforehand! Remove your dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. Then use some baby powder on yourself or a client to absorb any extra moisture.

    3. The Basics

    Basics to know while waxing body hair

    Apply wax strips to whatever area you choose and firmly tug in the opposite direction that the hair grows while you hold the skin taught. Make sure you aren’t waxing the same area twice to avoid irritating the skin. You can also go in with a tweezer to remove stray hairs.

    4. Aftercare

    Moisturize skin after waxing to soothe skin

    After removing the strips, immediately apply pressure to soothe pain and irritation. Make sure you moisturize! If you plan ahead, you can refrigerate some lotion overnight ahead of time to help soothe you or your client’s pain.

    Hopefully, these tips help you feel more comfortable when working with anyone’s hair removal needs.

    Source: The Jolie Academies