• Industry Fun Facts: Why Do Stylists Wear Black?

    Are all salons different? But it seems that they all have the same dress code. Why isn’t a huge mystery or club secret – as far as you know – but this industry-wide “blackout” if you will is actually a fun part of the culture that ties all of us together. What’s the REAL reason? […]

  • Beauty Services and Retail Show Growth

    Overall revenues for all salon industry services 9hair, skin, nails) plus salon retail grew 3.2%, according to the 2015 Professional Salon Industry Hair Care Study from Professional Consultants & Resources, a salon industry strategic consultants and data source. Total U.S. salon services and salon retail sales grew by 3% to $60.27 billion. There were nearly […]

  • Mind Your Social Manners

    A lesson in social media etiquette. Think of your social media channels-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as your first interview. This doesn’t mean shut everything down, but make sure the content you are displaying show off your talents, personality and maybe not your favorite happy hour spot. “Using social media is an easy and momentous way […]

  • The Real Difference Between Cosmetology and Esthetics

    “What’s the difference between a cosmetologist and an esthetician?” That question is to the beauty industry what the “chicken before the egg” conundrum is to the scientific community. Fortunately for us, the answer to this question is actually way more simple (at least we think it is). Semantics Cosmetology is defined as: “The application of […]

  • 10 Tips for Taking the Fear Out of Retailing

    Eufora ’s Director of Business Education, Joanne Magana , encourages stylists and salon owners to realize their phobia surrounding retailing is a faux-fear. “First. realize that you already doing it,” Magana says. “We sell every day. We negotiate things, we have our own businesses, you ask your child or significant other to do something for […]