• 5 Ways to Prep Your Skin for Winter

    Dryness, flakiness, chapped cheeks — no wonder we’re not looking forward to winter. Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to feeling less gorgeous! Here is what you can do right now to prevent common beauty issues as temperatures start to drop.

    Swap Your Cleanser Wintertime cleansers (for the face and body) should be milder to combat the harsh elements. You should choose a milk, gel or oil cleanser. (Look for ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter or jojoba oil.)

    Do a Power Wash The outer layer of your skin needs regular polishing in order to glisten. The more dead skin cells you have sitting on top of your skin, the less luminous you’ll look. Get glowing by using glycol acid face pads rather than a gritty scrub. It will improve texture and tone while minimizing fine lines and active breakouts. It is suggested that you receive facials, peels, and microdermabrasion at least every month or bi-monthly to keep skin looking its best year round.

    Take Your Vitamins During the winter; your skin tends to get less vitamin C, so it’s recommended to use a serum in its place.

    Fight Flakes Dry skin, especially those flaky patches that tend to go hand-in-hand with a drop in temperature, will really dull your complexion. Whatever you do, don’t peel it. Use a heavier moisturizer instead. (Yes, this will require a lot of patience and self-control!) It is suggested using warm water — not hot! — when showering, as well as plugging in a humidifier during the winter months while you’re sleeping to stay as moisturized as possible. Apply a face and body moisturizer at night as well.

    Protect Your Lips Using sunscreen daily, along with a lip moisturizer, can keep your pucker from getting chapped. Using Vaseline at night can also soothe your lips while you sleep.

  • 6 Pieces of Advice From Your Fellow Stylists on Staying Happy This Holiday Season

    Fellow stylists advice to keep holidays happy

    MODERN SALON’s Holiday issue represents just one collaboration between MODERN SALON and CosmoProf. Last November, CosmoProf also sponsored MODERN’s Healthy Hairdresser Challenge , which asked entrants to “gift a little back to yourself” after a year of giving to clients, family and everyone else! “Make the pledge to add one healthy action or ritual into your busy day,” we urged hairdressers, and many did!

    The responses represented a range of ways to give yourself a break during this often-stressful time of the year. So take advice from your fellow hairdressers for keeping the holidays happy and easy:

    • Daydream. Think ahead to the New Year—a fresh start, full of inspiration, education, motivation, cool styles and innovative technology. You’ll meet new clients, have extraordinary experiences and fall even more in love with your creative work.
    • Get to the spa. A facial or a massage—even just a foot massage—can break up your week with welcome relaxation.
    • Wear comfortable shoes. When your feet are stressed, you’re stressed!
    • Live in the moment. The salon life can be a bit chaotic, but sometimes that’s the fun part! Enjoy your clients without getting caught up in drama.
    • Nourish body and soul. Start each morning with nutritional food and a positive thought. Such a simple routine can change your outlook and energy for the entire day.
    • Stretch and hydrate. Once a day, get down on the floor and do a full body stretch, one body part at a time, and drink water throughout the day.
    • Journal. End your evening with a review of your day.

    Make this season of ’16 going on ’17 a time of growth in body, spirit, and business. Create joy!

    Source: Modern Salon

  • 5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Flat Iron

    How to extend the life of flat iron?

    Photo By Getty Images

    It’s a critical styling tool that’s part of any hairdresser’s styling arsenal – the flat iron. You can use it for straightening, creating bouncy curls, setting fingerwaves, etc. However, if you are using your flat iron on a regular basis, you may experience the dreaded “gunk” build-up or “gummy” residue.

    GOT BUILD UP? Make sure that after every use, you wipe down the plates and barrels with an appliance cleaner to prevent product build-up and ‘burn-in.’ If you do have product build-up, use a scrubby made for Teflon plans on a warm iron…this helps to remove any buildup,” says Terri Taricco , vice president of marketing for Helen of Troy .

    TURN IT OFF: Don’t forget to unplug your iron after each use. “Leaving them on for extended periods of time shortens the lifespan of the appliance and it may cause discoloration of the metallic finish,” adds Tarrico.

    UPKEEP: Make sure you clean your flat iron with a soft cloth after every use. When using a professional iron cleaner, never spray the iron when hot, as this could potentially damage the plates of your iron.

    LOOSE HINGES: After many uses, you may experience loose handles. To fix, remove the hinge cover and tighten the nut. If you are afraid of breaking your appliance, stay on the safe side and send it to your manufacturer (many provide warranties upon purchase). As with cleaning, make sure your flat iron is completely turned off before you take it apart.

    PROPER STORAGE: Make sure to store your flat iron in a safe, secure travel bag. It will protect it from breaking and nicks. Opt for a heatproof bag – it will provide a good protective barrier between any working surfaces. Also, avoid wrapping the cord around your flat iron. Continuous wrapping will cause stress to the wires (within the cord) and eventually you may find your flat iron not working on you one day. That wouldn’t be good.

    Source: ModernSalon

  • 4 Tips to Finishing Cosmetology School

    You did it! You are finally in cosmetology school. There is nothing quite as exciting as starting a new chapter of life. However, with this excitement comes many challenges, and even more important than starting cosmetology school is finishing. Here are four tips to help you get the most from your cosmetology education and finish strong.

    1) Be Patient: Completing a cosmetology program and learning all the right techniques takes time, but it’s important to be patient with yourself and your program. Being skilled at your trade does not happen overnight. Practice really does make perfect, so give it some time, and keep working hard.

    2) Ask for Help: If you have questions on how to use a specific technique, it’s important to address any concerns right away. Techniques need to be perfected the right way. Cosmetology instructors are there to provide help and assistance, and you’ll only be hurting your own progress if you ignore any potential problems. You will never be looked down on for asking for a little extra help. It may even allow you to foster a better relationship with your teachers and peers.

    3) Social Media is Your Friend: In this day and age, a physical portfolio of your work is not enough. Showcasing your work on Facebook and Instagram can help keep you ahead of the curve. It can help you build your own personal brand and even grow your client base. Social media can also help you follow new trends and stay up to date on the top people in your industry.

    4) Relationships are Important: Establishing connections and relationships within your industry is important in any career path, especially cosmetology. Mentorships with teachers can help take your skills to the next level and provide you with a space to talk openly about your goals and struggles. Likewise, relationships with your peers can be beneficial during and after cosmetology school. You never know who will have similar struggles, and a unique way to overcome them. You may make a friendship during school that may open doors later in your career.

    Source: The Jolie Academies