Are You a Cosmetology Therapist?

Now that you have passed your cosmetology exam and become a cosmetology professional, do you sometimes feel like a therapist to some of your clients? If you are doing a great job, you probably do. You have become a trusted confidant to your clients.

But this can be a slippery slope if not handled with extreme professionalism and there was little in your cosmetology exam to refer to. Letting your clients talk and express their feelings can be very cathartic for them. They enjoy the experience of getting their hair done or getting a relaxing facial while also unloading emotional baggage on their favorite cosmetology professional.

Here are some tips to handle being your clients’ “Cosmetology Therapist”:

  • Make sure you do not internalize the emotions they are expressing. This can cause you to become anxious, sad, or tense which might make your next client’s experience less than perfect.
  • Avoid giving too much or specific advice. You are not a licensed therapist. Mostly, you are there to listen. And above all, you are there to perform the tasks of hair cutting, skin care, or nail care.
  • Recognize a real problem. Be aware of clients who express deep sadness or warning signs of depressions. These clients should be recommended to a doctor.
  • Do not pass along gossip. When Client One leaves, her stories do, too. Client Two should never hear about anything do to with Client One and vice versa. Spreading gossip is a real danger to your business and to people’s feelings.
  • Don’t be afraid to change the subject or steer your client into another conversation if the topic is getting too personal.
  • Avoid sharing too much personal information about yourself. Again, the focus should be on the client and their experience.

Your client’s experience depends greatly on the way you interact with them. Without a doubt repeat clients are created by positive interactions. Sharing stories and having clients confide in you is a part of your job, just like hair cutting, and often demonstrates your skill and experience as a professional cosmetologist. Just be sure to keep things professional and you will always have success.

Source: Salon Prep Blog

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