The Top 5 Reasons to Become a Cosmetologist

Choosing a career field is pretty serious stuff and it’s natural to occasionally need a reminder of why a particular path was chosen in the first place… unless it was a path of m&m’s in which case logical reasoning would be appropriately ignored. Speaking of logic, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of perfectly reasonable, or, reasons to become a cosmetologist. That being said, there’s obviously more than just analytics behind why you chose to embark on this journey (it was in the stars!). Sometimes the facts are just the type of reassurance one might need to keep on keepin’ on.

#1 Hot Job Market (also the ranking of our cosmetology exam review)

Paris Hilton’s words of wisdom, “that’s so hot” might not be trending as much currently as they did in the beginning of this millennium. They do, however, correctly summarize the state of the job market for careers in cosmetology. Another related expression might be, “that’s nuclear baby!” considering this job market would take millions of years to cool off.

#2 Relatively Easy Entry into the Cosmetology Career Field

Acquiring a license in cosmetology and beginning work in the beauty industry typically takes less time than, oh say, becoming an astronaut (that may be a little far fetched, but the point still stands). As mentioned above, the job market for careers in cosmetology is a pretty bubbly brew of opportunity, making it more likely for you to get a taste of the goods. You could call it a soup kitchen of good career prospect… or you could just call it what it is. Your choice.

#3 Fun and Exciting Work

To even be on this page in the first place, and more importantly, to have chosen to follow a cosmetology career path, proves that you have a high interest in the line of work. Many people feel that the most important aspect in choosing a career is in financial reasoning, but we find that what holds utmost importance is your happiness. Being a cosmetologist might not come with six-figure income, but it is rewarding to look forward to doing something you love and making a living doing it.

#4 Job Flexibility

To extend upon what was already mentioned above in reference to the entrance into the beauty industry, there is an enormous array of possibilities that being a cosmetologist entails, including hair, skin, and nail care, etc. This further broadens the job market, allowing you to more easily qualify for a particular niche. The possibility that freelance cosmetology work may be ideal for those with less time on their hands.

#5 Being Your Own Boss

Receiving your license in cosmetology means more than just the ability to experiment with beauty with your client’s full trust (the power of a piece of paper, right?); it means being able to manage your own hours and clientèle. You can do what you want when you want, whether that be work Monday’s through Friday’s only, service a maximum of 5 clients a day, or precede with your plans of world domination.

Source: Salon Prep Blog

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