• What Matters Most?

    What Matters Most for a Successful Business? A.) Product B.) Service C.) Location D.) Marketing While all of these contribute to the success of your business, only one factor matters most… D.) MARKETING! Marketing yourself and your services is what makes the competitive difference. It is often assumed that the highest quality and/or best product […]

  • It is Time to THINK like an ENTREPRENEUR!

    Independent Salon Professionals are a growing community to our industry. According to the NACCAS Report out of 1.7 million beauty professionals 44-47% are SELF-EMPLOYED! Not only did we choose a career that is flexible, rewarding, and full of magical moments, but this industry also provided for us the option to start our own business and […]

  • 5 Quick Tips for Handling Client Complaints

    Complaints make room for growth! With 20% of clients leaving your salon yearly you need to know how to turn a negative experience into a positive one! Knowing when clients are dissatisfied and doing something about it before they tell all their friends is a great way to customer satisfaction. Complaints are a gift if […]

  • 4 Tips for a Clean and Healthy Workspace

    Germs are everywhere this time of year, so it’s extra important to make sure your work area is safe and sanitary for you and your clients. Much research has shown that clients are turned off by a dirty salon or spa. According to spastandard.com , there are four measures you can take to upgrade the […]