• What Matters Most?

    What Matters Most for a Successful Business?

    A.) Product

    B.) Service

    C.) Location

    D.) Marketing

    While all of these contribute to the success of your business, only one factor matters most…


    Marketing yourself and your services is what makes the competitive difference. It is often assumed that the highest quality and/or best product wins, but this is NOT true in our Industry. Our business depends on the relationships we build along the way. The people are our link to our Success!

    Timeless Promoting


    Network! Network! Network! That is all you hear and it is what our business thrives on. Meeting people and building relationships will help you grow personally as well as professionally. The world is on a networking craze from online to social media, to industry associations, and networking clubs of all types. But the best way for you to network is right in your salon. The clients that you see every day are your links to your future.

    Our business is filled with opportunities to connect with people who can help us achieve our goals, and at the same time, we can help them to reach theirs. This industry sets the stage for personal one-on-one contact that allows all types of business transactions to occur. It is all about the “web,” the networking web that you have already started with your existing clients. Networking is the most effective strategy for one-on-one contact that connects you to other people. You actually network all day long, you just haven’t put it to use yet. Networking provides you with the personal touch you need to create those relationships that are the fundamentals of being a smart business owner, no matter how big or small your establishment.

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • It is Time to THINK like an ENTREPRENEUR!

    Independent Salon Professionals are a growing community to our industry.

    According to the NACCAS Report out of 1.7 million beauty professionals 44-47% are SELF-EMPLOYED! Not only did we choose a career that is flexible, rewarding, and full of magical moments, but this industry also provided for us the option to start our own business and be part of the greatest age of ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

    It is TIME to OPEN OUR EYES!

    IT IS TIME… Independent Salon Professionals GET Support to maintain a professional image while operating as a sole entity! The day-to-day challenges of trying to juggle multiple projects, conflicting priorities and limited resources to try and uphold a business can be overwhelming. We need to stick together and search for resources to help us be the best at our craft.

    IT IS TIME…This segment of our industry uses their voices to get the tools and information they need to run their little but might businesses more effectively. Start to share with your associations, state boards, and distributors exactly what education you want and need to keep you motivated and inspired as a businessperson as well as a creative cosmetologist.

    IT IS TIME… Independent salons and beauty professionals get recognized for being a BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL! Stop hiding the fact that you are an independent and work your business professionally and you will get the respect of being an independent entrepreneur.

    IT IS TIME… We step it up and inspire each other, educate one another and improve our professional state of mind so that we can be PROUD to have chosen to be an INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEUR!

    It’s time to think, act, and perform like an entrepreneur!

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • 5 Quick Tips for Handling Client Complaints

    Complaints make room for growth!

    With 20% of clients leaving your salon yearly you need to know how to turn a negative experience into a positive one! Knowing when clients are dissatisfied and doing something about it before they tell all their friends is a great way to customer satisfaction.

    Complaints are a gift if you are willing to resolve the situation to enhance the client’s dissatisfaction. Remember most clients don’t complain to you, they will walk away, never to return but tell everyone they know their personal experience with you.

    Here are a few tips to redeem their trust

    • Acknowledge their Disappointment- You need to be able to read the clients face and body language when you sense disappointment. Ask them how they feel about their new look or service and offer them the chance to express the truth.
    • Repeat what they said- to ensure they know you heard them, repeat their complaint and share some new insight or suggestions to help fix the situation.
    • Show Appreciation- Acknowledge that you value them as a loyal client. Say you’re sorry they are disappointed and create that safety net to get them to respond with the second opportunity to let you redo the service to give them what they want.
    • Keep Your Promise- To fulfill their needs whether it has to be something they need to come back for, honoring a gift receipt, or promising not to repeat the mistake.
    • Create Open Communication- Be a conscious listener… Hear what they are saying and ask a lot of probing questions to create an environment of faith and trust of being their personal stylist.
    • Remember: Complaints make room for growth personally as well as professionally, just take the critique and learn from it.

    Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

  • 4 Tips for a Clean and Healthy Workspace

    How to keep your workplace healthy and clean.

    Germs are everywhere this time of year, so it’s extra important to make sure your work area is safe and sanitary for you and your clients. Much research has shown that clients are turned off by a dirty salon or spa. According to spastandard.com , there are four measures you can take to upgrade the cleanliness of your salon and spa space:

    • Inspect retail testers and displays. Frequently take a look at the pumps on face and body products, and dust off your retail candles. Replace testers often, as well as items that look dingy beyond fixing. Every two weeks, remove all items from shelves in order to clean the shelves and dust off the products or establish a rotation schedule so that every shelf or area gets addressed.
    • Tidy up the common areas. Your waiting, changing and relaxation areas should sparkle. Every pillow and magazine should be in place and all trash put into receptacles.
    • Go through as a guest. Make it a daily practice to take the guest’s walk through the salon or spa to really see what your clients are seeing. Start outside, picking up any trash near the entrance and cleaning off fingerprints from the door and windows. Inside, notice dead light bulbs, drippy benches, empty toilet paper dispensers, dust bunnies in the corners, hair in the steam room—anything that detracts from the services you’re providing. Get the view upward from a shampoo chair, downward from a massage table and at eye level everywhere.
    • Clean after every client. Your styling station or treatment room speaks volumes about who you are as a professional. Any sign of the previous client, from hair and makeup to greasy footprints and extractions, can cost you repeat business. Empty trash bins, too. Every guest should feel like your first guest of the day.

    Your guests will appreciate this, but so will your family. Keeping your space clean for your clients helps you, too, guard against breathing in dust and bringing home germs.

    Source: Modern Salon