• Yup, You Can Use Wine in Your Bath!

    There are a multitude of natural ingredients that are supposed to work wonders on your skin and hair—like lemon juice as an acne fighter and beer as a shine treatment for your hair. So, we weren’t floored when we heard that a spa in Los Angeles was incorporating wine into their luxe treatments. But…we were […]

  • Top Five Tips to Build Your Guy Client Conversation Skills

    My latest haircut is a masterpiece. It would look this good if I cut it myself if I do say so. The overall experience was positive. The haircutter did everything right as it relates to client conversation. They also did everything wrong as it relates to client conversations. My visit began with a warm and […]

  • Cold Weather Skin Mistakes that are Ruining your Complexion

    Once the indoor heat kicks in, it’s all downhill for skin. Between dry indoor air and snowy, windy weather, your complexion can take a beating this time of year. But there are steps you can take to head off winter dryness before it makes you want to cover up your face with a scarf. Start […]

  • Want to Stand Out Like a SUPER STAR?

    Practice the Defining Difference of What Truly Matters… Work on your Soft Skills! To be successful you must first understand what the beauty business is really about besides the artistry, it is really about the PEOPLE. Making the people look and feel magnificent and creating the connection that offers the people that you meet the […]