Want to Stand Out Like a SUPER STAR?

Practice the Defining Difference of What Truly Matters…
Work on your Soft Skills!

To be successful you must first understand what the beauty business is really about besides the artistry, it is really about the PEOPLE. Making the people look and feel magnificent and creating the connection that offers the people that you meet the chance to feel good about who they are when they are with you. Learn to work from your heart and get on a journey of self development and continual education. This will bring you the ultimate experience of success. Make the commitment to build your life with positive new habits that shape your mind to excellence everyday and always believe in the beauty of your career and the power you have to transform lives.

According to industry experts, however, your formal educational foundation only contributes 15% of your success. The other 85% comes from understanding and applying Soft Skills.

What are Soft Skills? And Why do you need them?

As much as you need technical skills you need to incorporate the benefits of Soft Skills as you continuously develop your career. “Soft skills” is a term relating to a collection of personal, positive attributes and competencies that enhance your relationships, job performance, and value to the market.

Most people know what soft skills are but too reluctant to practice them with consistency to get the full concept of how valuable they are to the success of their life. It is a sad thought that only 1% of people will take the time to learn how to achieve success and will strive to be the best at their craft. Only 3% of people are even intentional about growing and developing their personal skills. Most people would rather complain about what they don’t have than put forth the extra effort it takes to make what they do want happen.

Some examples of Soft Skills include:

Effective Communication

Business and Retailing Basics

Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

A Commitment to Integrity

Goal Setting

Personal Development

Challenging Yourself

Staying Open to Change

Delivering “Super Service”

Accepting Responsibility and Criticism

Time Management and Developing Good Habits!

Learning hard skills (technical) will help get the interview but you will need the Soft Skills to get and keep the job. Today’s salons require much more from their staff, they are looking for the candidate who possesses the qualities that will be long lasting and adaptable to their culture. Yes beauty professionals have to be great at their craft. But what are even more important are the social skills of our business that create the foundation of our industry.

Remember: Our business is about developing relationships with PEOPLE !

Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

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