• Drink Up Ladies!

    It’s not exactly new information that water is good for you. We’re told to drink at least eight glasses a day for clear skin, fresh breath, and good digestion, and now there’s actually photo evidence that shows just how important proper hydration really is. Sarah Smith was suffering from chronic headaches when her neurologist suggested […]

  • 8 Beauty Habits You Should be Doing Every Morning

    Rise and shine! You don’t have to be a morning person to start your day with a few beauty-boosting habits. Add these must-dos to your A.M. routine and reap the benefits all day long. Use an antioxidant serum. Antioxidants such as vitamins C and E help protect your skin from aging free radicals, which occur […]

  • Top 7 Reasons Why Stylists Fail

    Independent Salon Professionals are a growing community to our industry. We need support to maintain our professional image while operating as a sole entity. The day to day challenges of trying to juggle multiple projects, conflicting priorities and limited resources to try and uphold a business can be overwhelming. Many experience BURNOUT and lose passion […]

  • How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

    Q: I applied this gorgeous glitter nail polish, but now I can’t take it off. What’s the best way to remove it? A: We all love a good glitter nail polish. It’s the closest thing to nail art for those of us who are—shall we say—artistically challenged. That said, removing glitter nail polish is about […]