Top 7 Reasons Why Stylists Fail

Independent Salon Professionals are a growing community to our industry. We need support to maintain our professional image while operating as a sole entity. The day to day challenges of trying to juggle multiple projects, conflicting priorities and limited resources to try and uphold a business can be overwhelming. Many experience BURNOUT and lose passion as the daily demands deplete the personal energy needed to stay on the forefront of running the business effectively.

Lack of time is a big issue with independents; we are responsible for every aspect of the business and trying to stay focused in one area becomes a challenge. “Who motivates the motivator?” Trying to find ways to motivate yourself is exhausting. It requires constant drive and discipline to be an independent business practitioner. This business thrives on all areas of performance. We need to be prepared everyday mentally, physically and enthusiastically to embrace the details and responsibility of being an active independent cosmetologist. Encouragement and support from other independents will help inspire, educate and improve the overall professional state of mind; reminding them that they are not alone.

1. Low Productivity — Freelancing requires you to have strong discipline + Self managements skills. It’s very easy to procrastinate.

2. Burn Out We’re so excited to grow + Succeed that we ignore REST/BALANCE

3. Isolation —Very dangerous for independents. You need connection to resources! Interaction is crucial to surviving!

4. Low Self-Esteem —Find your worth (Get paid for what you’re worth); set client boundaries (Fire a few).

We have 2 Primary commodities…

1. Time

2. Money!

Don’t let low self-esteem be the cause of your time or money.

5. Lack of Marketing —Huge, Big, Gigantic, MISTAKE!!

Getting new clients is the essence of being a successful entrepreneur —

· Marketing is the CORE of your business!

· Without it you WILL FAIL!

6. Poor Communication -Relationships are our business!

We need to sharpen our skills to be able to continue “WOW”ing + dazzling our clients!

· Be Interesting

· Be Newsworthy

· Be Interested- Rekindle your love for your clients!

· Don’t be DULL/BORED/Take Classes to improve yourself!!

7. Inconsistent Effort —A little EFFORT goes a long way.

· Dig Deeper

· Push Forward

· Be Persistent

We just have to be “BETTER”

Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

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