Top 10 Qualities of a Great Cosmotologist

According to, the following tips are the top 10 qualities that make up a great cosmetologist. These qualities can take a good cosmetologist and make them GREAT! Not only can cosmetologists help a person create an entire new look through changing hair style and color, make-up, and other procedures, people rely on their cosmetologists to help them look as attractive and fashionable as possible. The most successful cosmetologists share certain qualities that give them an edge in the industry, and these are it!

Adaptability: A great cosmetologist stays on top of changing techniques and technologies in the industry and can easily incorporate these changes into their work.

Color and Style Perception: A great cosmetologist has a keen sense of what hair styles and colors work for people and will make suggestions to help clients look their best.

Creativity: A great cosmetologist has a sense of creativity and can think of new and different ways to style hair, apply makeup, or perform other cosmetology procedures.

Skilled at Customer Service: A great cosmetologist has fantastic customer service skills. They are friendly and helpful to all clients and help create a welcoming atmosphere.

Good Grooming Habits: A great cosmetologist is always impeccably groomed. Their hair is styled in a current fashion and make-up is neat and attractive.

Knowledgeable of Standards: A great cosmetologist keeps up to date and follows industry standards for safety and health concerns. They keep their equipment clean and sanitary at all times.

Good Manual Dexterity: A great cosmetologist is good with his or her hands. Whether cutting hair, performing a facial, or giving a manicure, a cosmetologist must be able to perform intricate maneuvers for extended periods of time.

Pleasant Personality: A great cosmetologist has an engaging personality. They can make people feel comfortable and welcome and are easy to talk to.

Adept with Several Techniques: : A great cosmetologist is skilled at the various techniques used in the industry. They are very skilled and proficient at using scissors, brushes, files, and other equipment.

Ability to Visualize Ideas: A great cosmetologist is able to share a vision with his or her client for an end result. They are able to clearly visualize the goal and skillfully perform the work required to reach that goal.

Source: Kathy Jager-educational solutions

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