Beauty School Students in Kansas City, MO

When George and Dorothy Heavilin established the House of Heavilin Beauty School in 1953, they had no idea how many people they would impact, educations they would provide, and skills they would help hone in the process. Now, after over 60 years providing NACCS accredited education to students all over the Kansas City metropolitan area, we can see the fruits of their labor in the smiles and artistic abilities of House of Heavilin’s past and current students.

You can click on the links to view more images of the beauty school students and future cosmetologists of House of Heavilin in action. By learning new techniques and putting them into practice, they are always improving upon the skills they’ve picked up. We’re proud to have our students demonstrate the result of an education at House of Heavilin Beauty School, as well as show all the fun you can have as a hopeful cosmetologist.

A Milady Member School

With three convenient locations in Kansas City, Blue Springs, and Raymore, MO, you can see how students in each area of the city are enjoying their time at House of Heavilin.

As a Milady Member School, students at House of Heavily go through a specific curriculum designed to sharpen their skills while providing them with the experienced needed for a high-end salon and spa settings. The Milady Curriculum is broken up into 6 modules:

  • Cosmetology Fundamentals
  • Sculpture
  • Hair Design
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Nail Tech
  • Esthetics
  • Skin Care
  • Salon Success

These modules are taught with a focus on being able to adapt to a client’s wants and needs. In other words, there is a heavy focus on customer service and client relationships. Students are taught to build upon what they’ve learned before while learning the how’s and why’s of theory and practice. The meta programs also allow for an exchange of fashion ideas and techniques from around the world, leading to more experimental and fresh ideas, while still maintaining a strong foundation.

Seeing is Believing

The best way to get an idea of what it is like as a student at House of Heavilin is to see our students in action. The images below will show how we combine innovative teaching methods with hands-on training and, most of all, a fun time! Cosmetology is an art, and we encourage our students to lean into their creative sides as they move forward with their education. Find the campus you wish to attend and see how students there are continuously learning, growing, and enjoying their time at House of Heavilin. You can also see the results of their studies and all the amazing haircuts, manicures, and beauty services they’ve provided so far.

Call to register as a student at House of Heavilin!