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Passion – Education – Success

Financial aid available to those who qualify

Unusual Jobs for Cosmetologists

The world of cosmetology brings to mind hair stylists, makeup artists, and estheticians working on clients every day in salons all across the country, but what about the path less traveled? Here are three unique and lucrative positions in the field of cosmetology that are not your traditional salon job.

Makeup and Hair Designers

The first career path pulls you out of the salon and puts you on the set of movies, tv shows, behind the scenes on Broadway, and beyond! Makeup and hair designers develop and apply looks for screen and stage with the consideration of lighting, mood, and character. It can be as simple as styling hair and makeup for news anchors to as complicated as applying special effects makeup for horror movies! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for this position is about $80,000 as of 2020, making it a great avenue to not only network but make a great wage!

Beauty Industry Brand Manager 

Brand managers in the beauty industry are an integral part of any beauty brand and combine not only your experience in the beauty industry, but your eye for artistic style, and some technology knowledge. It takes you out from behind the chair but puts your imagery in front of thousands of potential customers, as you will design everything from product packaging, to ads, to web pages. The potential here is only limited by your creative imagination, and you will already have the knowledge behind the industry to have a leg up on your competition! Most beauty industry brand managers make an average of $77,000 a year as of 2020, but the more brands you manage, and the more successful your campaigns the more profitable you can be!

Mortuary Stylist 

The last position takes a different turn and may not be for the faint of heart. One overlooked career in the beauty industry that requires a Cosmetology license, and sometimes one to two years of extra schooling is in the funerary industry. Mortuary artists are responsible for styling the deceased for viewings for friends and family. This requires hair and makeup skill, as well as potentially doing some facial sculpting to hide signs of injury as well, providing a non-traditional but integral avenue in the world of cosmetology. Most mortuary artists make around $58,000 a year due to the special work environment they perform in.

As you can see, there are many ways to work in this field, from the technical, to the non-traditional Cosmetology has a niche for almost anyone, and can be not only rewarding financially, but interesting personally as well! It is a career path that can take you quite literally anywhere you want to go, limited only by your passion, and your drive.

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