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Passion – Education – Success

Financial aid available to those who qualify


Comprehensive Hair Design 

House of Heavilin Beauty College has 2 convenient locations in Kansas City and Blue Springs, Missouri for aspiring students who are passionate about hair design. Our skilled educators are committed to helping their pupils succeed in the industry. We provide high-quality instruction, small classes, and the Milady system of training to deliver a comprehensive beauty education experience that masterfully prepares individuals for cosmetology careers. House of Heavilin wants students to have the freedom to focus on creativity and independence in their artistry, and we provide3 all the tools necessary to do so.  

Our cosmetology school utilizes a wide range of teaching methods to share the secrets of exceptional hair design and prepare every student for a rewarding, prosperous career in the area of his or her choice. We teach students to be spectacular hairstylists and colorists so that each can provide excellent salon services for future clientele.  

Understanding why cosmetology school is right for you

IF you have a passion for hair, cosmetology school at House of Heavilin in Missouri is the ideal next step in your professional development. Our instructors will teach you the fundamental theories and techniques to prepare you for working with the public. There is much more to cosmetology than merely cutting and coloring a client's hair. At House of Heavilin, you will learn how beauty and hair care products interact with each other, how to communicate with clients, ways to treat the scalp, and specific skills that you can hone with hands-on experiences through the use of mannequins as well as your classmates, among other proficiencies. Additionally, our cosmetology students have 24-hour access to learning materials including:

  • 1. eBooks
  • 2. Interactive glossaries
  • 3. Full-length, real-time video modules
  • 4. Quizzes
  • 5. Chapter tests
  • 6. Presentations
  • 7. Downloadable-learning and study tools
  • 8. Daily performance tracking

Armed with the knowledge you will gain from our instructors, you will be ready to pursue a career in several capacities within the cosmetology industry. The education that accompanies a cosmetology degree from House of Heavilin in Missouri prepares you to earn your cosmetology license and become a hairstylist, barber, hair color specialist, cosmetologist, perm specialist, or any myriad of other occupational roles. 

How do i obtain a cosmetology license?

Before you can earn your cosmetology license, you must complete a cosmetology course that accredited by your state's board of cosmetology. House of Heavilin's programs at our three convenient campuses through Missouri satisfy the requirements set by the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners. In Missouri, you must complete 1500 school hours worth of training as well as theory and practical exams to obtain your cosmetology license. However, these requirements will vary state to state, so be sure to check the criteria elsewhere if you plan to move. In Missouri, you can also receive your license if you are licensed in another state with similar or superior requirements. 

How Long Does It take to get a cosmetology license?

The time it takes to get a cosmetology license will differ based on the state in which you live but is largely determined by your pace and the cosmetology program you choose. You must complete all of the training requirements before being eligible to receive your license, and full-time students can complete cosmetology school significantly quicker than part-time students. Other factors may include additional training courses for nails and facials, among other subjects. 

How do i renew my cosmetology License?

Cosmetology License renewal in Missouri is required every other year. You will need to check with your state's cosmetology board to determine if you need to complete any continuing education courses before renewal. If so, House of Heavilin would be happy to help. You may also add skills with additional certifications at this time. In Missouri, you must pay a small fee and renew by September 30th of odd numbered years. 

Contact House of heavilin for cosmetology school today! 

House of Heavilin has convenient locations in Blue Springs, and Kansas City, Missouri. If you are interested in an exciting cosmetology career, reach out to us. Our well-established cosmetology school will provide you with an education in beauty that will serve as the foundation for a long and successful career. WE are excited to help you begin your journey toward becoming an exceptional cosmetologist. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you! 


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