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House of Heavilin Beauty College


This contains information about all our programs, school policies, and other important information for our students.

Financial aid is available for those students that meet the necessary requirements. House of Heavilin Beauty College participate in the Pell Grant Program and the Federal Direct Loan Program. In general, financial aid is awarded based on need. Prospects or students needing assistance in obtaining Institutional and Financial Aid Information can contact the school’s Financial Aid office at 816-229-9000, Ext. 1.

A smart tool to help you plan for the cost of school.
This handbook includes policy information on campus security, safety reporting, along with drug and alcohol policies and reporting information.
These documents include information on our commitment to a discrimination, harassment, and violence free educational environment, including how we’re doing our part, and how to submit a claim.
If you would like to request a paper copy of any of our disclosures please email us at admissions@kc-hair.com

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Phone: (816) 229-9000
Ext. 1

Phone: (816) 229-9000
Ext. 2

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House of Heavilin Beauty College
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Office Hours: M-F 9AM – 5PM
Student Salon Hours: T-Sa 9:00AM – 4:00PM