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Nail Technology


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House of Heavilin Beauty College


The nail technology program at House of Heavilin Beauty College is exclusive to the Blue Springs campus. We offer our students a planned curriculum focusing on theory and real-world application through clinical experience. Our nail technology course allows you to practice your techniques in our classrooms and on clients in our student salon under the guidance of our knowledgeable instructors.

From professional ethics and salesmanship to practical skills and creativity, you will be fully equipped for a lucrative career in the nail industry. You’ll be so well-trained and equipped that when your future clients walk through the door, you can confidently perform the service they need — whether it’s a manicure, pedicure or nail designs, you’ll be able to do them all.

House of Heavilin Beauty College


IF you have a passion for nails, nail technology school at House of Heavilin Beauty College is the ideal next step in your professional development. Our instructors will teach you the fundamental theories and techniques to prepare you for working with the public. There is much more to nail care than merely applying polish. At House of Heavilin Beauty College, you will learn how nail care products interact with each other, how to communicate with clients and skills to maintain the health of your client’s nails. From natural nail care to nail enhancements, you’ll learn everything you need to be a confident nail technician.

With the competitive world of nail care, House of Heavilin Beauty College is dedicated to ensuring that all our students learn proper techniques and understand how to apply them to different clients. We help to open the door to a new and exciting career for you!

House of Heavilin Beauty College


Whether you want to own your own nail salon or just want to be a nail technician, taking our nail course is the way to get a leg up on your competition. The House of Heavilin Beauty College instructors will teach you the latest techniques and methods.

During our course, you will learn how to perform the following:

  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • Gel Polish
  • Acrylic Nail Enhancements
  • Gel Nail Enhancements

With over 70 years of experience teaching the trade to numerous students, House of Heavilin Beauty College is confident that we’ll be able to teach you the foundations of nail care. Our small classroom sizes enable our instructors to focus on sharpening your skills. You’ll never feel like you’re lost in a sea of students.

House of Heavilin Beauty College

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House of Heavilin Beauty College has two convenient locations: Blue Springs and Kansas City, Missouri. If you are interested in an exciting career in the beauty industry, contact us. Our well-established school will provide an education in the beauty industry that will be the foundation for a long and successful career. We are excited to help you begin your journey toward your dream. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!